Prank war is ON! -HELP NEEDED


You wonderful readers and bloggers in wordpress, I have gotten myself into a prank war, I’ve been thinking about this for weeks, and it’s my last day in the house, so last night I started a prank war, by messing with two of the guys facebook. WELL. They were immediately ON it, and the whole house is just pranks everywhere, and of course, for starting it, I get messed with the most. classic-post-it-note-prank-covered-office-annoyed-boss

I spent basially the whole day away today so I came home, KNOWING that I’d been messed up. The FIRST thing I noticed, was that my screens colours was all messed up on my mac, so after googling alot I finally found out that Andy, (that bastard) had pressed ctrl+alt+cmd+8 at the same time, which basically turns the colours CRAZY. Don’t worry, maccie is okay, and he’s colours are back to normal. I did it by pressing those button again.

THEN, I discovered that Cash had taken out ALL the laces of all my laced shoes, which is just GREAT. hAhhaha. He did the same thing to Will last night though, so It wasn’t that original. Still, a good one.


I know they’ve done more, because I still haven’t found out what they did last night…. IM PARANOID! Anywhooo.. got a few minutes as they just went outside to 7eleven for coffee, and I did this cheap and silly prank on Cash’s pillow, (I was desperate and stressed) Just some shaving cream on the one side of his pillow, so when he turns it, (hopefully while already in bed, it’ll mess up his face.)IMGP2995

Then I put a little post-it note on the eye of the mouse of Andy’s computer, saying HA HA, and he won’t be able to move the arrow on the screen, until he figures out. Simple but fun.IMGP2994

NOW I NEED HELP! I need more ideas! I am googling and stuff, but I need some CHEAP, EASY, ORIGINAL pranks that I can do on my roommates, there are 6 guys and we’re two girls, and So I need some good ones to pull on GUYS. BRING’EM ON! 


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  1. Reblogged this on Prinze Charming and commented:
    Hey everyone, jasminplease needs your help!


  2. kz says:

    haha that looks like so much fun^^ i once put somebody’s clothes in the toilet and drew circles on their face with a washable marker while they’re asleep but maybe that’s too much… i’m not sure if you’d still be friends ^^


    1. jasminplease says:

      Hahahah no! It’s not too much! Bring it on I say, They’ve gone even further now… THanks!!! I might do the toilet one if they take it any further…. moahahahah


      1. kz says:

        haha just the inexpensive stuff


  3. When my roommate and I got into a prank war, they took a sport watch and set the alarm to go off at a crazy hour in the night. They taped it to a piece of furniture that was nearly impossible to reach so it kept going off for about two days until I figured out where it was.


    1. jasminplease says:

      DUDE. That is BRILLIANT! Thanks so much! I’m gonna do that.


      1. lol! Well, I have one more that might help. I bought Easter basket grass and put it in pretty much everything my roommate had. Especially the stuff she didn’t use much, like an alternate pair of shoes. I got a letter from her on break that she was STILL trying to get rid of all the Easter grass.


      2. jasminplease says:

        HAHAHAHAH that is so funny, ur a genius


  4. You could hide all of the toilet paper/napkins/paper towels in the house. It would make life difficult if they like to cook, clean, or poop.


    1. jasminplease says:

      Hahahaah… good one!


  5. Bams Triwoko says:

    Wanna ‘prank’ idea ? Please click 🙂


  6. domain says:

    Outstanding quest there. What occurred after?


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