PRANK WAR update


I have gotten some good advice from you wonderful people on wordpress… And I am executing several of them, but I thought I’d show you what I’ve done so far… MOAHAHAHAH

Basically, when everyone had fallen asleep, around 5 at night, (yeah we stay up preeetty late in the house, and that was kinda early) I snuck up, and attacked the fridge of the boys. Someone had told me a good one, which is to Take an egg from someone’s carton, (i took 2, of the front row in a NEW carton) BOILED them hardboiled,
IMGP3000 and put them Back in the carton for them to cool down.) 
HAHAHAH…! This has yet to be discovered, so I am super excited.IMGP3002

Then, I put some facecream in one of the boys Mayo… so I am super excited to see that one be discovered too.IMGP3001

I also, Poured Lots of oyster sauce in TWO coke bottles, which was the FUNNIEST thing ever. IMGP2999
Firstly, because, WILL had asked for some coke from the boys, and he greedily poured himself a HUGE glass of coke, started drinking and had the funniest look on his face. We laughed a long time, and he said he was gonna tell on me, but when Andy came in to get coke, Will couldn’t do it… so we we’re both watching in suspence, I even got some pictures of him in the moment. He tasted it and was freaked out… and it took him a while to figure out that someone had messed with it. AWESOME.IMGP3029

Also, I put a slice of Cash’s OWN cheese, (after keeping it in my cupboard and out of the fridge for a whole day) in his pillow cover IMGP3004(with plastic on the side that faces the actual pillow, so he only has to clean the cover. ) This has YET to be discovered, and it was TWO days ago…. so I am LAUGHING myself to sleep each night… MOAHAHAHA.

The boys had Bought a bottle of diet coke, and replaced it with my REAL coke, and I knew as soon as I tasted it, and it was funny, because they were trying to make me paranoid, by tasting it and sayin I was being crazy. But…HELLO… I know my coke.  They also superglued my redbull to the fourpack carton Which was a cute one to discover in the morning. But other than that.. they are FAILING… and I am IN THE LEAD! The other night Andy FAILED, as he tried to take out the three lightbulbs from our lamp in our room, but, 1: I COUGHT HIM IN THE ACT. 2: HE BROKE TWO LIGHTBULBS.

RULE no 1:

The victim of the prank has to tidy up the mess, NOT the prankster

Exception to RULE no 1:

If a prank fails or is discovered while being perform, the prankster, NOT the victim, has to sort out the mess.



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