PRANK WAR update -win?

Prank war - prank - shoes ducktaped

So I come home from school, only to see my shoes ducktaped to the ceiling, and I just burst out laughing. So as you see, the prank war is still going, but at a slower pace, and some of mine hasn’t even been discovered yet…

My mayonnaise trick, where I put face-cream in it, has yet to be discovered, and also, the boiled eggs, hasn’t been eaten yet. But Cash had the delightful experience of going to bed after two nights away from his own bed, to a stinky disgusting cheese in his pillow, hahahah. Right before I went to bed, he took out the batteries of my phone, and I only discovered it in the middle of the night when I was gonna check the time, good I did, or my alarms wouldn’t have gone off! hahahah. Andy had gone into this WAKEMEUPPER – thing online, and I got called up at 4 in the morning, by this robot that was saying; “wakey wakey, no more sleepy, ha ha ha ha ha ha ha, wakey wakey” Which was pretty funny. But, I wasn’t sleeping, and it had an option of blocking further calls, so it was just a two minute giggle.

I think I’m winning though, as my pranks have been discovered in a funnier way, and they have been more sneaky, and discovered at a random time. 😀 But we’ll see, I still have tonight and until tomorrow afternoon….


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