Last day at the Junehouse


The last day at the Junehouse came, and went. We all knew it was coming, but man, did it approach fast. The last day, (the 16th.) Andy, Cash and me were all leaving, and so there was packing, Jersey shore watching, drinking, reminiscing and goodbyes. IMGP3182

we decided to stay up until Andy was gonna get picked up by his shutle  at 4 in the morning to go to the airport. So we did. And it was weird and sad when we helped him with his luggage and followed him to the shuttle, telling the driver to drive safely and take good care of our friend. Andy is coming back in January, so he’s gonna try and get a place with the boys, hopefully when I return (aiming for March) I’ll be able to join them.


It was weird sitting on the porch all together for the last time, even if we’ll see each other again, we’re not gonna live under Loriff Management, and so we won’t ever live together at the Junehouse again. It’s been all fine and dandy living under Al’s supervision, but we need a place where we don’t have to follow rules, and we don’t have to worry about cleaning up early in the morning after a party, or being ratted out by certain roommates.


Will is auditioning for The Groundlings today, so we’ll see, it would be awesome if he could do basics and if he passed, we could sign up to do intermediate together! Fingers crossed! Good luck at the audition Will!


The only one who isn’t coming back at some point, is Mimi. As she is continuing her law education in the netherlands…WHAT. come on Mimi! Fuck that… come back to us!!!!!! It was really upsetting seeing someone you love, who never effing cries, cry like a mother when people leave. It is the end, the end of an era, and it’ll never be the same without her. IMGP3237

And so it was Cash’s turn to leave, back to Virginia, where his mum awaits him. It was weird seing his bags packed, and realising it really was happening. Ahhhh


-No! Staaaaaaaaaaaaaaay, don’t gooooooooooo



As you can see I handled the situation with a high level of maturity and grace


But at least it wasn’t only me crying this time. Will and Joe making sure to capture this moment. Is there something wrong with us? It was a big deal though. And we wanted Andy and Cash to see it. Well… it was the reality of the moment. Our last hour together, the goodbye and then me taking my suitcases and driving away from my friends running after the car.


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