Back in Norway

Back in Norway,

Jasmin gets a call on the very same day as she arrives home from a looooong, horrible journey from LAX, to London Heathrow, to Frankfurt, to Oslo, misses the last bus, waits until 5 in the morning, catches the bus, gets picked up from Rygge airport, driven home, has a 5 hour nap, from her good friend Melissa, who asks if she wants to join in for a christmas shopping round down at the mall.


So she heads to town where she meets up with her friends Melissa and Elisabeth, and her niece Victoria, they hit the McDonald’s for some foodage and catching up, for several hours of chatting.

Then they start wandering the mall wondering what to get for whom. There’s quite a lot of people to buy presents for, but nowadays, most people have everything they need. 

Every year at every mall, they sell those nice and spicy sausages that you can cut up into pieces and put it on bread to eat, and they are soooo good. They tried some pieces and Melissa decided to call her sister to ask whether or not to buy them for some family friends.

Elisabeths older sister has a little girl, and she needed to get something for her, so off to the children’s shop they went

There are plenty of cute clothes for girls, and the girls where ‘Oooh-ing’ and ‘awww-ing’ over and over, while Jasmin got the kreeps. Melissa purchased some ‘my little Pony’ band-aids, (FOR HERSELF) because she cuts her fingers all the time and she was out of ‘Cars’ band-aids. 

Funny how the three ladies look like grown up women, but behave like kids and feel like teenagers. Is this normal? Jasmin doesn’t think that the baby clothes are cute, but she does soften up a little bit when she sees the tiny shoes.

But then she sees the creepiest, tinniest shoes ever made, and feels weird again.


On they go to the grocery store to get some drink. More specifically, CHOCOLATE MILK.


The girls look for the greek beer Mythos, as Elisabeth claimed to have seen it in a grocery store, and it brings back good memories from Kos.


Back to the pub, and Vivian joins them, Raimon is not there sadly (the owner and the coolest bartender) at Neptune, the local and regular place, for some drinks and chili nuts.

Some christmas tunes are requested and it’s all a good time.

Jasmin thinks it’s nice to be back, it’s very different as it’s snowy, cold and super christmassy everywhere. LA, was getting rainy and autumny, but still not as cold as this. Jasmin isn’t too sad though, as her friends are all coming home and good times lie ahead.


The streets are decorated with the SAME old decorations as they’ve used for years and years. I remember seeing these when I was a kid. Gives me a weird feeling, that this town hasn’t change much, but I have, so much.IMGP3305


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