The night before the night

Norwegian Christmas + Norsk Jul + Ribbe + Pork + Pork belly fat + Christmas food

Yes, the preparations have begun here in our house, my mums preping the Ribbe, Norwegian traditional pork christmas dinner, carving it like this and seasoning it etc.

Norwegian Christmas + Norsk Jul

Victoria is FINALLY spending christmas with us, and it is without a DOUBT gonna be the BEST christmas ever, as I donæt have to wake up on the morning, ALONE, to eat candy and open presents from my stocking, ALONE, and watch the morning Christmas TV shows and movies ALONE…. My niece will be with me. As well as were celebrating christmas with the WHOLE family this year! 🙂

Norwegian Christmas + Norsk Jul + Juletre + Decorating the christmas tree + Norwegian Christmas tree

I was super nice, let my niece wear my Christmas PJs and gave her an old Harry Potter journal that she could use for her Christmas book, I read some notes from the christmas of 2002 earlier, and we had a lot of lauhgs. Ive been writing in my own christmas book since then, what I bought for people, who  I sent cards to, what I got for presents, and observations during the christmas days…

Norwegian Christmas + Norsk Jul + decorating + Norwegian christmas tree

I always decorate the tree, but this year Victoria did it with me, which made it doubly fun and doubly nice…! And as soon as she understood and obeyed my very strict and very traditional SYSTEM as which decorations to be put on first, and how, where symmetrical, a-symmetrical, vertical, etc…. we did a ruddy good job!Norwegian Christmas + Norsk Jul sehr

Tig has been curious and cudly all day, is like he knows somethings up… IMGP3549the tree smells gorgeous and it is feeling SOOO christmassyyyyy! Im still such a child and I am stoked for tomorrow. Sitting in my beautiful Christmas room that I finished decorating today, pretty prooooud, and it is super cosy in here. IMGP3563Painted a painting of my Uncle Arild, for him today, hope he likes it. Nice Chrissie prezzie I think.IMGP3559

Also was super generous and gave my niece my dads old football sock, that he gave me as a stocking when I celebrated christmas at his house many many year ago…. as she didnt have her own stocking. Unglamorous, but…. a treasure.

Norwegian Christmas + Norsk Jul + stocking

Merry christmas everyone!!!


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