The Seven Sorts (and more)


In Norway its an old tradition that every household make SEVEN different christmas cakes and SEVEN different Christmas meats that one eats throughout the holidays. We did have some different meats, Lamb and Pork, but we didn’t do all the seven meats.

IMGP3755But in a good cooperation between my grandmother (mormor) and mum, there were Seven different Christmas cakes, and some other nice treats. I just thought I’d show some of the goodies to you. For example, pictured above is a traditional Cloudberry Cream, it’s whipped cream, with the lovely orange Cloudberries you find on Norwegian mountain tops.


N° 1:

These ones were some that my mum did this year, like oatcakes or something, they were sooooooo good. Kinda caramelly.


N°2 :

Directly translated into; Little-bread-waffle-cakes My mums favourite of the year. Made  by my grandmother.


N°3 :

Serina CakesIMGP3759

N°4 :

GOOD OLD GINGERBREAD cakes…. MY favourite. made and decorated by my mother (usually I make them, but I wasnt home in time.)

N°5 :

Sand cakes. Goooood with whipped cream in them.IMGP3761


Do NOT remember what these are called. Mum???

N°7 :

Curvature cakes! (Kromkaker in norwegian) GOOOOOOOOD with cloudberry cream… mmm….


OH WHAT!? There’s moooore??? YEAH! N°8 

CHESS SQUARE CAKES. New this year, by my mother


This is N°9 : DELFIA CAKE!

Seems only me and my mother like it. It is MIGHTY. One would say it is the chocolate lover’s, EVEREST.

Well done eh? No wonder we gain weight. There’s still cakes left in the house…. can’t stop eating. MMmmmmm. Did you eat many cakes this Christmas? What kind?


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