It’s a new year

It’s a new year, and a new day, and at the start of the year I like to think of it as a fresh start, a chance to start new project, new habits and to improve everything I want to improve. But to be honest. That doesn’t last very long. But I’m still happy about my mentality, as I have a better thing, I have Mondays. I mean, every day is a new beginning for me, if Im lazy and greedy one day, I think, OK, tomorrow, Then I’ll get better, I’ll not have ONE sip of Coke,IMGP3898 or, I WILL go to the gym etc. But MONDAYS… They are more exciting. I like sitting on a sunday night, and write down a to-do list, with a box next to each thing, so that I can tick it (which gives me a sort of OCD Orgasm) when I’ve completed the task. IMGP3892When I write things down, my head can rest, because I get all the things I worry about spinning around in my head seeming deadly way too much and very stressful, DOWN ON PAPER, and I can see with my own eyes that it’s NOT that much, and that it is possible to get it done, and I can forget about it, knowing that I have it written down in a book, safely on my desk. Every monday, I try to tidy my room, AGAIN, organise my desk, organise stationary, stuff, my week, my goals, and then I try to do some work. Creative work such as writing, IMGP3883coming up with ideas, editing, painting IMGP3911or anything that lights my fire. I’m not living in a cool or exotic place at the moment, so it’s easy to loose motivation, and to feel crap and uninspired, but by seizing the mondays and triggering my brain to go into a proactive and positive mindset it keeps my wheels spinningIMGP3811. I also eat healthy on monday, and think of ways I can be healthy for the rest of the week, until friday, when in my head it’s weekend, and I become weak and make all sorts of exuses. New years eve this year was untraditional and weird, and being a Lady of tradition (Yes, I am officially a Lady now) I didn’t appreciate not being with all my friends, round the table, eating a duck, playing games and celebrating with my nearest and dearest. But I was at a party with two of my best girl friends, IMGP3819my beautiful Melissa and Elisabeth, and yeah, we did have  lot of fun on this sausagefest.IMGP3856 I’ve spent a lot of time with my girls lately, as we are pretty much the only ones in town, and we have a LOT of fun together. We go out, we sit in, watch movies, bake cookies, (or, they do and I watch and eat), IMGP3921and just have a jolly good time. I’ve also been creative lately, and I’ve gone on courses in Oslo (actors casting stuff), applied myself, to funding and stuff, written to people, been to meetings, and gotten a few jobs and missions. Yesterday I went into Oslo again, to interview the fabulous Norwegian sculptor Skule Waksvik,IMGP3937 who inspired me as a child. He has loads of sculptures around the country and is a wonderful artist. I was honoured to visit his studio and to hear his stories, and I am going to start editing today. Then I went on a self-employment tax course, that taught me everything I need to know. At first I FREAKED the fuck out, but at the end of it, I got it! I feel smart and grown up, yaay! Visited my sister and slept over at hers with a cozy movie night,
Photo on 2013-01-24 at 00.08 #2Then today, I am meeting with the Jazzman of Sarpsborg, and hoping to maybe get to jam with some great bands. Good stuff! Just gotta keep goin, just gotta MAKE this year a good year, seize everyday, and use every monday. 


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