TV job interview

So I got a very surprising call the other week, from NRK, Norways BBC, and they asked me if I wanted to come in for a job interview and audition for an old traditional role in Norwegian TV, which is something we call, a “Hello Lady” or “Hallo Dame”, or now in more modern years, a Channel host.ImageIt is the person that is in a studio, inbetween shows, introducing the next show, sometimes live on air, and greeting the audience and just plane being the face of the channel. I was very shocked and surprised to having been asked, but of course also honoured.


So I went into Oslo and almost got lost on my way to the NRK studios, but was greeted by a lovely woman, after having gotten a sticker tag with my name, who I was going to see, etc. Just like in Harry Potter when they visit the Ministry of Magic! Hahahah… So fancy and weird, with Glass doors everywhere, and lots of security.  And the lady led me to the room where I was to meet Ragnhild Sælthun Fjørtoft, who is a very famous “Hello Lady” Who’s worked on NRK for over 40 years!!! That is a LIFETIME! Anywho, it was great meeting her, and she is a very impressive person. She is overly intelligent, and stressed on me how much more demanding the job is than people think when they come in. Image

But HELLLOOO LADYYY! I know this, I struggled alot when I first started on local tv, interviewing was no problem, but the whole “Hi Im Jasmin,…” Looking in to the camera bit, is hard. It took several times before I was relatively comfortable and just look how retared I look on this picture. So, Ragnhild Sælthun Fjørtoft gave me some tasks that I needed to work on before I was going to be in the same studio as they actually use for the Channel Hosts. Image-I had to tell the camera about myself,

– then I had to make an introduction to a programme about Male photo models, and that’s the only thing I knew about the show.

-Then I had to make an introduction to a show that I got a sheet about and had to study.

– Then there were several scripts to test my way of telling stories, and sharing information, and how to pronounce different languages.

It was SO weird to be in that studio. I recognised it of course, and even weirder was it, that Ragnhild, whom’s face I’ve grown up with and seems so familiar, was tutoring me and taking me through everything. Bizarre! When I stood there recording, it was just me in there with the screens, and computers, and a glass of water, the papers I was reading from and some powder.

I know I could probably do an alright job, I’m pretty happy with the introductions I made, and they were impressed by my languages and I think they liked me, but  I know I don’t have that presence that you need for it, that kinda Cozy-in-the-livingroom-Im-a-part-of-your-family-kinda-thing. I don’t have that. I’d be more suited to Childrens Tv. But anyway, it was loads of fun, and they were real nice to me, I got Hot Chocolate and everything 🙂 Also, got some emails that I can use for sending in stuff that I told them about, as I’ve been making some interviews and stuff. ImageGot an email today from them however, and I didn’t get it. That was no surprise. But I am very happy with the experience! And more than anything, I  am psyched about those emails I’ve got!

But I am not a Hello Lady.


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  1. Unni Reid says:

    But, HELLO, you ARE a LADY 😉
    Date: Mon, 18 Feb 2013 08:25:02 +0000


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