Just another day as a Leopard






Damn don’t I look like a leopard? Working at the hotel to save up money to go back to LA, and since it’s a winter break in Norway, the hotel has a Carnival themed week, where everyone who works there dress up, everyday. The kids bring costumes and walk around the lobby as fairies, clowns and cowboys. It’s so fun. So I’m here to save money, don’t really have the budget to buy costumes, so gotta be creative. IMGP4067

Was slightly worried about the journey to work. Had to take two buses, and, well… I looked like a leopard. Got on the bus and said; “One leopard to town” and the busdriver laughed her head off as she gave me her ticket. As I waited on the bus station for the next bus, there was waaaay too many people there. This old lady walked by me and said; “Oh dear, no..no..” and some kids walked by me several times giggling. This mum with two kids started taking pictures of me with her phone, WITHOUT ASKING! Cheeky. Offended leopard. IMGP4069


Finally got to work and got a great response! Quality hotel and Resort Sarpsborg is truly an awesomely fun place to work. There are just so many great people that work there. Sure we’re not perfect, but man do we try. A constant strive for improvement, and that, is all you should ask for.

The hotel manager was dressed as a Cowgirl, but the lady in charge of the housekeeping has just broken her arm, and her cast is a good exuse. IMGP4072

We hired some baloon men that came and decorated our hotel with some fancy balloons and masquerade masks. Good vibes in the hotel at the moment. IMGP4074

In superland, which is a huge indoor playground, the vibe is always great. IMGP4076

Pim is now in charge of reception as our reception manager is on holiday. I’m not gonna give him and Ole Kristian (OK) much credit for their half arsed cowboy costumes, but at least they look hot. Haha.IMGP4078


But I spent about half an hour putting on my leopard makeup, and don’t I just look casual usual office lady like here?IMGP4086

Our janitor cracked me up when he came in to do some copies. I frickin LOVE his costume IMGP4087

Nice detail with the arrow. Hahahah. That’s our JANITOR! How cool is that! And those boys have LOADS to do. Always something that needs fixing at the hotel. IMGP4089

Well, kitty got hungry, and luckily they had the ktity food ready for me. IMGP4090 The restaurant is also decorated, and it’s just so much fun to see what everyone has whipped up. IMGP4092

This is my favourite chef at the hotel. They are the only ones that don’t have to dress up, as of course, they are required to wear their uniforms. I scared the shit out of them when I came in to the kitchen purring and meowing. Hahahha.IMGP4093

Mexican cowgirl.IMGP4094

Leopard receptionist at work. It was such a fun day. Great reactions from the guests, and the kids wouldn’t leave me alone! IMGP4097

Me and hanna. She was dressed as a hippie. She’s been dressing like an indian, but this time she wanted to be in a more chilled out make love not war vibe. IMGP4100

Cute little fairy. Come to get some change from us.IMGP4101

Just a normal day at work. Haha.  Come visit us at Norways most fun hotel. You can go swimming in our water-world, relaxx at the spa section, workout at the gym, play in superland, drink at the bar, eat in our fantabulous restaurant and then go to bed in our wonderful sexy rooms. But you better not be allergic to cats.


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