Rachels birthday funday

 It was my lovely roommate Rachel’s birthay the other day, and I surprised her in the morning with a dorky Birthday girl badge, birthday card, and a blueberry muffin with a little ‘R’ candle. 
IMGP4649Rachel has her regular routines in the morning and gets up pretty early to enjoy her morning habits. I got up when she was in the shower and set everything right by her coffee machine and lit the candle so she would see it when she got out. I went back to snooze, but she was super happy about it.IMGP4652

 We got in to our summer-beach gear and got ready to go and drove to one of Rachels favourite cafees. 

Le conversation’ is a nice cafe in Beverly Hills, a French themed lovely place with nice food and pastries, perfect for breakfast or lunch.


 It was funny, there was a lot of fancy people there, not too pretentious, a nice vibe, but I still felt we were comically out of place. 


The prices weren’t too bad either, and I was excited as we got a bread basket full of small pastries in stead of bread… FOR FREE! Dude, that is awesome. It was lovely.

 Rachel took care of the bill, which was super sweet and silly really, as it was HER special day, but her generous heart didn’t want us to have to pay for a fancy breakfast, bless her. 

And WHAT a breakfast it was! I ordered a Salmon, cream cheese and onion croissant, and it was DELICIOUS! IMGP4664

 When we got to Santa Monica, it was pretty overcast, and getting really chilly, and Will realised his foolish choice of NOT bringing a jacket, and borrowed my hoodie.

It was pretty windy, and very crowded, but it was nice to be by the ocean and do something different. And as Rachel is a Pisces, (Kay is Cancer and I’m a Scorpio, -all three girls water signs…) it was great for her to be by the waves and just enjoy the beach feel.





 Later in the evening it was time for another Pinkberry, my newest obsession that Rachel and our ex-roommate Bee introduced me to. I mean… LOOK AT THESE> there a frozen yoghurt kind of place with toppings to go crazy for. 

It was lovely to see busy busy Bee again and we had a two hour chat, (that’s what happens at Pinkberry) 




 It’s awesome to be back in LA with my Junehouse friends again, and to be back to school. I don’t think I can afford going to Pinkberry’s as much as I have lately but…. the occasional indulge is okay….


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Debbie Ohls says:

    That is my beautiful sister!!! Thank you so much for giving her such a special day and for sharing it with us!


    1. jasminplease says:

      Oh thank you so much Debbie! No problem 🙂 She is such a delight ❤


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