Sally came and went


So I’m back in LA, and have been busy doing fun things, but it was about time to blog about when Sally came to Norway. Here’s our adventures:IMGP4126

Sally came to visit me at the end of February, and as she has never been to Norway before, it was natural that we’d take a trip to the capital.IMGP4221Since I get a fairly good discount on all hotels that belongs to the Quality chain, I booked a hotel room, with two coworkers and planned a nice evening out in Oslo.


We met Hanna at a cafe and had a cuppa while waiting for Eunike, who was on her way. We decided we were going to go for dinner at a TJI Friday’s and met Eunike on the way there.IMGP4134

My two beautiful and wonderful coworkers from the hotel, Hanna and Eunike. Waiting in the bar until our table got ready.IMGP4137

Finally we got our table, and I had to capture it as it was candy cane coloured. IMGP4142


Showed Sally around a little bit and she got to say hi to Henrik Ibsen outside the National theatre, which was a big moment. I captured it nicely I think.IMGP4147


But it might have been an even bigger moment when Beckam showed up on the underground, Sally had to help him adjust his goodies, as they were a bit misplaced.IMGP4152



We finally go to the hotel, Quality hotel 33, and we had so much fun checking in with the receptionist, with a lot of internal hotel-geek jokes, from three receptionists to another.IMGP4164

Checking out the standard of our hotel rooms and discussing differences from our lovely Quality hotel in Sarpsborg.IMGP4175

I love staying at hotels, I love having a shower in a clean bathroom, with a clean floor, dry myself off with clean fluffy towels, and go to bed in clean sheets with lovely clean fluffy pillows. IMGP4181

The bar was pretty cool with a nice view. I guess that’s about the only thing that was better at their hotel. IMGP4190

Checking out the dancefloor is important. IMGP4195

The morning after, Sally got to know the slippery slopes of Norway’s icy roads. Sliding down the bridge, literally, as there had been no salting or sand.IMGP4218

I really wanted to take her to my favourite place in Oslo, the sculpture park, ‘Vigelands parken’ IMGP4226

Sally next to the most famous pice in the park “Sinnataggen” this angry little boy has quite a history, and is somehow the most famous piece. Its not my favourite piece however.IMGP4235


There are so many amazing sculptures in this park. I’m really proud of it, it’s not really typically Norwegian, but I think it’s way ahead of its time and it expresses so many basic, pure and beautiful and dark things. IMGP4259


Barely hanging on.IMGP4266

When in Norway, might as well pop by Sweden, especially when you live so close that you can get there in about 20.min. so Melissa, who’s just FINALLY gotten her Norwegian drivers licence through, gladly accepted the task IMGP4277

She drove us across the border, over the bridge and to the biggest shopping mall closest to the border Nordby. IMGP4280

Going to Sweden to buy cheap alcohol, meat and candy is a part of Norwegian culture, especially down south east as we are so close to the border, and the prices are so good, that it’s worth the drive. It is called “Harry handling” which is kind of a snorting-looking down on the working class man who goes to Sweden to save money way of looking at it.IMGP4284

But WERE not ashamed of our Swedish trips! We took Sally to the candy shop. I think the Toblerone’s what got her convinced.IMGP4296

Melissa looks happy with her big bag of candy.


Cozy time in my bedroom. IMGP4305

Tingeling, my pandabear got to try on my Victoria’s Secret Bra. He looks good in it.IMGP4306

Dinner at Dickens,SUCCESS!IMGP4307

Sally is a great cook, and decided on making a meal for me and my mum, from one of her own mothers recipe book.

I tried helping out, by crushing the crackers. I think I did a good job. Im not a star in the kitchen, but man, I can crush.IMGP4318

Tig wanted to help out too.IMGP4321

It was a lovely chicken caserole and Sally just made me want to marry her as she was working with the food.IMGP4327

Chicken and brokkoli, with a chicken soup with mayo mixed in it, and the crackers on top.IMGP4330

My mum was super excited. And it tasted sooooo goood…IMGP4331

We went to visit my sisters house in Varteig. I had ordered my sisters special dairy chocolate cake…IMGP4334

My nephews hyper and happy to see me as usualIMGP4336

The nut houseIMGP4348

Sally trying the cake…. she loved it and felt sad that she couldn’t make it in London as they don’t have the right ingredients.IMGP4349

Freak nephew.IMGP4351

Sally played a few tunes on the piano for us.IMGP4356

The weekend calls for a night out or two, IMGP4364

And there is NO better place than Neptune Pub with our pal Raymond, the bartender and manager of our regular place.IMGP4366

Getting reeeeeeeadddddyyyyy



Then we were lucky enough to get some free VIP tickets through the hotel, to a Sparta Warriors game, and a free dinner.


An excellent free meal with a superb view over the rink and as much coke as I wanted…. AWESOME.


When it was right before the boys was going to storm in we went to our seats, (first row right behind the players bench) and I was super excited… IMGP4384

Our mate Mats is one of the players, and he is super talented.


It was fun seeing him in action.


Hockey is a violent and exciting game. IMGP4389

The game was against Stor Hamar, the beginning of seven games against them, and sadly…. we lost. But it was very close.IMGP4422

The last day came, and we ate Norways favourite dish, Grandiosa. A tasteless, mild pizza, that somehow still is really good. And with mummys greek salad, anything works. Good times with friends, and my niece Victoria, just a few days before I sodded off back to LA.IMGP4430


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  1. Unni Reid says:

    Sooo many great photos! Favorites are Sally and Sinnataggen, and crazy Marcus with his leg behind his head :)))) Date: Tue, 19 Mar 2013 00:57:42 +0000 To:


  2. Sally says:

    Oh my god you’re brilliant. Such a fab BLOG!!! Xxx


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