Fuzz and Malloy

 So for the past few months Ive been involved in a project that the boys in the Junehouse started, a mini series called Fuzz and Malloy, starring Will and Joe


You can watch the first three episodes here:

I’m the art director for the mini series, meaning I designed the backdrops, and the photos/posters that you see in the videos. 

I think the episodes just get funnier and funnier… 

Andreas is the director, and for the past weeks we’ve been working on a 20min. special, an ‘Are you afraid of the Dark’ special. They had casting with a hell of a lot of auditions, over 200 people applied! And they got a nice crew together. Here talking to our fab Gaffer, Jeremy


Here’s our leading lady, IMGP4482 And the bitchy protagonist


 Our bedroom was used as a girls dorm, and I, as Art Director, dressed it to look like a girly musicians room. And we shot several short scenes in there.IMGP4492

The boys taking a break from rigging and prepping the set.IMGP4501

 I was also responsible for catering, and with a loooooow budget, we ended up with mini doughnuts, chips and hot dogs for dinner. Every crew and cast member had their own red cup with their name on it. 

  A full house with photographers, gaffer, sound and castmembers. Taking a break after hours and hours and hours of work.

Lighting a house to seem like it’s daylight out when it’s dark is one thing, then it’s lighting it to be nighttime with some moonlight, then it’s lighting a doorway and stairwell with some fake full moon shine, Jeremy was up to the task and him and Andres, the photographer worked hard to make it look good. While actors and assistants where chilling outside, waiting for everything to be ready for the next shot.IMGP4516

 Setting up the camera for another shot.

Cash got be a star in this one, and played the hunk. Hahahahahhaahahah, luck how tired he looks. I had to take full figure and headshot continuity photos of all the actors before every scene.IMGP4531

 One of the smaller characters, she was also great, and totally rocked the musician look, although she was the only in the cast that didn’t actually play an instrument.

Working on sound is exciting, but takes a lot of focus to listen for things you don’t usually notice such as a far away plane, crickets, interrupting sounds during convo etc. We recorded sound on a camera, and will held the boom as I kept the levels under control and listened for interruptions. TEAMWORK!IMGP4543

C A M E R A         P R O B L E M S 

Just another day, just buying a greenscreen in Hollywood. Yeah. Casual. IMGP4569

 Getting ready to shoot in the park. Perfect day for it with sunshine and barely any wind.


 Andres looking happy. Our talented, positive photographer from Columbia. 

Our roommate Kay goes to LA film school, and she and Andy the director went to FILM L.A and got student discount permissions to film in several locations. I had to keep it safe in the park, in case someone would interfere, or police officers would try and kick us out. IMGP4601

  After a long day, you cant light a par to look like it’s night, so all we could do was to wait for the sun to go down, and ordered a pizza and jammed away on the porch. 

I’m so excited to see the end result. Everyone has been working super hard on this, practically the whole June house and back house have been involved and the tensions have been striiiingyyyy, but it’ll all be worth it. The boys wrapped yesterday after shooting a campfire scene on the beach. Woop woop! Stay tuned….

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