Groundlings shows

Next week, (beginning tomorrow) is my last week at The Groundlings for now, and I am sweating the task we’re doing for the last classes, jut because I’m scared I think. It’s scary, and tough, but super fun. I haven’t seen that many shows this time around, ImageBut I’ve been to a few, and it’s especially fun when you go with your groundlings classmates. ImageWill and I got a ride with wonderful and hysterical Alexa, to go and meet some Groundlings classmates at The Village idiot. ImageI was showing off my new Pink Locks to the girls, which I’m really enjoying at the moment. ImageThe Village idiot is a real cool place, a bar/restaurant, and the food there is amazing. ImageA lot of Groundlings people go there to hang out before and after shows, and it’s just got a cool and chill vibe. ImageWe went to the wednesday show, which is my favourite, it’s a longform improv show called; ‘The Crazy Uncle Joe show’ one of my favourite cast members is in there, Jeremy Rowley, he is super funny, intelligent and he did an amazing one man show once. ImageThere are so many amazing alumni’s from The Groundlings, that their ‘wall of fame’ literally gives me the shivers. It’s so fun to think that they all started with the same course I did. So inspiring. ImageThe cast of ‘The Crazy Uncle Joe show’ Varies, but Jeremy (to the far right) is always in it. And they are all so Frickin talented its disturbing. Well. This friday I’ll know if I’ve passed, (which I am almost  100% sure I wont) and what comes next is always a mystery. Image


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  1. Unni Reid says:

    Your hair alone should be enough to let you pass 😜
    Date: Mon, 8 Apr 2013 01:41:02 +0000


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