When Dog meets Cat

We had a little visitor in our backyard today.  A crooked weird little dog, possibly Chihuahua mix or something found his way into the June house property and had his fun running around meeting the Junehouse residents.




 He made an impression, especially on two of us. Dojah, Who found someone to play with,





And Cash, who doesn’t take a liking to just any riff raff, IMGP4901

We had no idea where he came from, so Cash looked on his tag and found a phone number. He called it only to get a voicemail, and left a message. All the while, Dojah and the dog, which we saw on the tag, was named Bandit, was having tons of fun. IMGP4919 

They were running around, sniffing each other, and me and Cash were laughing at Bandit, because he was crooked, his head was crooked, even his ribcage didn’t seem to sit right. It broke my heart a little bit, because it looked like he had taken a beating, and just never really healed. IMGP4917


This cracks me up… Look at Dojah. Spying. Spy cat. IMGP4911

Dojah kept jumping him and playing around, while I think Bandit was getting confused. I think he had a good time though, getting all that attention, being cuddled with and playing around. We kept calling, but we still couldn’t get hold of the owners. Cash wanted to keep him, insisting that  ‘Clearly they don’t care about him. I do… I care…’ hahahah.IMGP4915

Look how cute and weird he was. I kept laughing at him, because he was running sideways, probably because of his crookedness. Cash said he reminded him of himself, a damaged weird dog. Haha. IMGP4925

Getting all that attention from the boys. We had a good time with the little bugger, and don’t worry, we got hold of his owners in the end. They didn’t live to far. So hopefully, Cash can keep seeing his new friend. IMGP4929


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  1. Me says:

    This is the cutest ❤


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