The Cat Lord

Visiting my Grand Uncle Tormod In New Jersey, I had to pop allergy pills everyday, that his son Dough bought for me
IMGP4982 because I’m alle
rgic to one of my favourite animals. Cats. IMGP5018You know people make jokes about these old single crazy cat ladies that live with loads of cats and one calls them Cat Lady? Weeeell, one could almost say the same about my adorable, funny and awesome Grand uncle. 


He’s a widower, as his wonderful wife died two years ago, but he grooves on with his tree awesome cats in his 80’s still mowing the lawn making jokes and excellent excellent waffles. IMGP4994

He loves his cats, and the cat’s love him, as you can see, Kelly (above) sitting on his head. They are three very different cats, Kelly is kinda shy but sweet, but slow moving due to her weird crooked leg, where she kind of has to carry her paw, so she kinda skips on three legs.IMGP4998

Cindy (I think her name was) was suuuuper shy, and usually don’t come out for days when a new person arrives, but she came out after a whole day, slowly approaching and observing me. I was being quiet and tried not to make any sudden movements. IMGP4997

Then it’s Tigger, who isn’t at all shy, but playful, and joins Mr T everyday for TV-watching, following him like a dog, bird-watching in the window and even playing with me. 


My Grand Uncle has had other cats earlier and he has many a cat story. Hahaha. Look at his photo album! (it wasn’t only pictures of cats in it, don’t worry)IMGP5038



He loves Cats alright..!IMGP5043

I’ve never had a Granddad before, so it was a new feeling, and so cozy to hang out with him, watching Everybody loves Raymond, watching him play with the cats, and talk to them.  He’s the Cat man. IMGP5054


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