Coziness in New Jersey

The five days I spent with my Grand uncle in New Jersey was so cozy, he and his son Douglas came and picked me up at the airport Image

And we went to a restaurant called ‘Outback’ which is a weird but awesome mix between Australian and American food, Imagea not exactly healthy, but mouth-watering menu, where Douglas recommended some good stuff and I ordered an excellent steak, mashed potatoes and we had blooming onion as a starter…MmmmImageIt was great to get some heavy dinner in, I hadn’t eaten that good for a while. And it was nice to be treated to something that Nice. ImageDouglas has a fair few tricks up his sleeve, weird and entertaining stuff, one of them is balancing forks on a toothpick… crazy stuff. Check it out! ImageIt even wobbled, it was fascinating to watch! We also took  a ride to Eagle Rock memorial so that I could get a view of New York skyline at night. ImageIt was rather stunning. But it was also amazing to take a look at the real piece of the world trade center, ImageAnd some of the really nice statues in the dark. ImageImageImageThey had stories of the 9/11 incident, what they were doing that day, people they knew who worked at the World Trade center that escaped and how everything changed. I could tell it had made quite an impact on them. ImageThere was a wall with names of all the people that were victims of the towers and the planes, and so many of them young too. ImageImageI caught quite a nice shot of the American Flag I think. Beautiful. And the first shot of me and my Grand uncle together. Me looking awful in travel clothes.  ImageBut still a sweet picture 🙂 Then we went home, finally, I was super excited to see the house, there are many lovely houses in the East Hannover area. ImageImageHis house, other than being full of cats and cat things, is so cozy. Paintings, old pictures, Norwegian items and a piano. ImageHe cooked for me and faffed around making sure I had a good time.Image I tried to make him understand that I didn’t care too much about running around seeing things, it was more important to me to spend time with him. ImageI remember meeting him when I was younger, and hearing cool stories of him and how crazy he was. And the fact that he went to America. Back in the days, barely knew English.. So cool. ImageIt was awesome hearing stories about the old days, I’m so interested in my ancestry, and I love going up north visiting relatives and checking out the old houses my ancestors built. And seeing pictures of them from back then was awesome. ImageThis is a photo of him outside our old summer house Kvalvika, they were building it still and hadn’t painted it, and they didn’t even have a proper door. He was a part of that, he’s built sooo many houses. In New Jersey too. ImageI loved his kitchen clock, every time it strikes an hour, it hits a certain bird and makes the noise that it makes. That is HILARIOUS to me. He loves animals, ImageHe has a tame squirrel that he feeds everyday. He was so excited and enthusiastic when he told me about it. ImageHe loves golfing too, loves watching golf and he told me he misses golfing, because he doesn’t walk that well and doesn’t go golfing anymore. ImageI mentioned that we do miniature golfing back home, and he said they had  a place nearby. And when I asked if he wanted to go mini golfing, his eyes lit up! ImageHe used to be quite a good golfer, and showed me his trophy. ImageI’m okay at minigolf, but I expected to be crushed. ImageAnd indeed I was. We had so much fun, laughing and counting points. ImageI’m hooked on mini golf again, and I’m gonna practise this summer, and come september when I plan to visit again in New Jersey, he’s gonna take me to a driving range, and to a pitch-and-putt! 🙂 ImageWe had Norwegian fishballs, Mmmm… Every night we would end the evening watching ‘Everybody Loves Raymond’ giggling and commenting together. ImageWe also watched this show called ‘River monsters’ which was cool, and he told me crazy fishing stories from when he was young. I loved it. 

And every morning he would make me waffles for breakfast, real lovely waffles. And we took a trip to the graveyard to visit his wife, Evelyn’s grave. Image

 We went back to Eagle rock too, so I could see it in the daylight. Image


 It was a smoggy overcast day, which frustrated him, because you can usually get a better view, but I still had a good time, talking to him about when he first came to America, his first jobs etc.

 Also, I think this shot is pretty cool. Dirty Smoggy Concrete Jungle New York. Methinks that big tower on the left is the new World trade centre, it’s not finished, but it’s pretty tall.


I had a wonderful time with my grand uncle, I never really had a grand father, so it was nice to have that kind of bond, and to hear stories of his brother, Herlaug, my grand father, who passed away from cancer before I was even year old. I learned  a lot too. And I really want to visit New Jersey again. IMGP5059


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