Intermediate is over

Shiiit, Just realised today, how much I miss Groundlings already, the first monday without my classmates Image 

was weird. I was walking down the street and somehow my thoughts wandered to that excellent water cooler in the school building,
The Groundlings School and Theatre - Improvisation - Improv - Lobby

and how I filled my bottle with it every time I finished class so I’d have that delicious water with me home. Weird thought I know. And then I realised I missed the building, the classrooms,Image

the lobby. The smell. And the people. The Groundlings school and Theatre - venue - improvisation - comedy - Hollywood

From the workshop and from my class. It has been a thrill ride, nerveImage wrecking and crazy, super funny and my ribs have been tickled to the point where I’d wake up the next day feeling sore. I feel like I’ve grown a lot, and my confidence has grown a ton. 

Image Our teacher Ian Gary Image   

taught me so much, and was a great encouraging mentor, and what topped it all, is that he came out for drinks with us. Ian Gary - The Groundlings - Comedy - Improvisation

I wish I had some photos of my workshop group, as they were a great bunch of people. Luckily we are all still in touch and are planning to do fun projects together, so I’m sure I’ll see them again. 

As for these maniacs;


There is so much talent going on,
Groundlings - Intermediate - Hollywood - Ian Gary - Lindsi LaRose

I am sure if I don’t see them, I will see them on stage and screen. I have made some real good friends and that is the most important thing to me. The Groundlings - Funny people - Comedy - Improv - The Darkroom - Melrose avenue - Hollywood

I find myself learning more from people than anything else, their reactions, their actions, their feelings, their constructive criticism and most of all, their support and encouragement. 


2 Comments Add yours

  1. BigMama says:

    Intermediate is over @groundlings and my baby’s comin home ❤


  2. Jasmine! So beautiful!!! Hope to see you again soon!!


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