Soaking sun in Hawaii

ImageI’m back in Hawaii, I’m so happy, it’s warm sunny and colourful, and I am seeing my friends again and chilling on the beach, and eating the gorgeous food again. ImageI sat here on Waikiki beach reliving the first scene in the season premiere of Mad Men. ImageRick is housing me this week and we have buckets of fun together. He lives in Waikiki, which is a lively location, very touristy  but fun and colorful. ImageWent to Kumu Kahua Theatre to see my good old pal Alvin Chan in ‘All that remains’ -I didn’t know what I was going to, but I was pleasantly surprised ImageThe theatre was arranged completely differently to the last time I was there, I liked the setup, the music was nice groovy big band music, and the storyline was a kind of historical Second world war from the point of view of American/Japanese soldiers. ImageI learned a lot from this, it was like a Japanese ‘Band of Brothers’ moving, funny and really well cast. I wasn’t too big a fan of the frame of it, the beginning concept, but the part from the actual war was great. I cried a bit even. My talented pal Alvin is such a diverse actor and it was great seeing him again.  ImageSeeing The Deadbeats is always a party, and I was so happy to find that they had a gig at good old Jazzminds. ImageThe club was packed and the atmosphere as ALWAYS, great. It was awesome seeing my buddies again, and hearing some funky tunes. ImageRick and his sister Danielle took me to a beautiful secluded beach on the east side with his little nephew. ImageI still love playing in the sand making sand castles, digging and I was having so much fun. ImageRick loves his little nephew and teaches him lots of things, and he calls him ‘champ’. That kid loves his uncle, and I’ve never seen a toddler laugh as much as him. ImageDanielle is such an inspiration, she’s a super cool mom, and we talked alot about the things that she had to change about her way of living, eating and as a person when she had a baby. And damn she still looks good. 

Life is good


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  1. åh! Jasmin! det ser jo helt fantastisk ut. Fant først ut at du hadde denne siden nå… ehemm.. MEN! nå fikk jeg i alle fall lyst til å ta med meg lars på besøk til deg.


    1. jasminplease says:

      Hahaha så koselig!!!
      Ja, jeg forteller egentlig ikke så veldig mange hehe, jeg pleier å skrive sånn at mamma ser hva jeg gjør mens jeg er borte 😉
      Dere mååå komme på besøk. 🙂
      Er i Norge enda, og kommer til å kontakte dere snart.


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