Kenya might just finally happen.

As I was trying to sleep in the white foggy cell in Seattle’s detention centre, having had all my future plans taken away from me, I was trying to search for something in my heart and mind that would give me meaning and something to hold on to while I was trying not to loose my Marbles. I had been so Close to being in my fiance’s atmosphere, So Close to getting married in Hawaii and starting Our New life that was to be an adventure. In the cell I was thinking all sorts of Things and didn’t know whether or not all those plans were just postponed or now, gone… I wasn’t allowed to contact anyone, and without any kind Words from anyone it was hard to keep faith. It doesn’t take a long time to make a human being brainwashed in certain circumstances.Maasai-Mara-National-Reserve-Kenya1 giraffes - Jasmin Please blog

But I remembered a Remote dream that appeared first around seven years ago before I got in to Rose Bruford College and started my acting life. Kenya. Ever since I saw the Lion King I wanted to go to Africa,lion Kenya Mombasa safari Jasmin Please Blogg and although the Lion King is set in Zimbabwe, After Research and consideration, I found that Kenya is the Place I want to go. detailed_physical_map_of_kenyaI found some charities and volunteer organisations Down there, and even though I am sceptical to them because of scams, and thoughts like, do they actually contribute to the community in a constructive way, especially when some of the volunteers are there for such short terms. But I found I-to-I, and after Reading a lot of “Campfire” blogs on their sites, videos, photos and stuff about the programme, communicated With their staff sporadically over seven years, I have come to the conclusion that I will invest in them.  logo i to i volunteering blog Jasmin Please Africa Mombasa

So on the 2nd of November, I am most likely going away for six weeks only, to Kenya to work With the less fortunate kids of Mombasa. I’m really going to give it my all to them and do whatever it takes to make a difference. I can’t wait to finally meet the People I’ve heard so much about! I know it will be hard to leave, as it always is, but it will be Worth it. For now, preparation goes in to booking, researching, Medical etc. It will be very exciting!Mombasa-city2 Kenya Africa Jasmin Please Blogg


a once again excited


( I take NO credit for these photos, I have no own original Kenya photos -as of yet)


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