Back to Greece for a week

Us Europeans are so Lucky. We have so many amazing countries right outside Our doorstep. With some cheap airfare and patching up a trip package together, you don’t have to spend much Money to have an amazing time. So I’m treating myself to a week in Greece, back to Kos. This time my niece Victoria is going With, on her first time to a country in Europe other than Scandinavia and England. My best friend Gwen and my mum. I’m so excited. Hopefully I’ll meet up With my Greek friend Manos too, as he is working at a huge amazing resort and spa on the Island. 🙂 The weather report says sun and warm days, can’t wait to lay my tired bones Down in the sea, just to float and forget all the sadness that has gone on in Our house for the past month.

So I’m packing:

  • 5/6 bikinis
  • Flip flops
  • Sandals
  • A Beach towel
  • shorts
  • skirts
  • t -shirts
  • One big jumper for chilled eves
  • dresses
  • toileteries
  • my Mac
  • Chargers
  • Phone
  • Ipod
  • Sunnies!
  • Portable speaker set
  • Insurance
  • Travel Cluedo and travel chinese checkers!

I’ve read a lot of reviews on Tripadvisor and I’m Excited for the little hotel we’re staying at near Tigaki Beach. I haven’t been on that Beach since I was twelve! It’s a long sandy Beach, my mother’s favourite on that island.

I have been on Kos four times, so this will be my Fifth; here are some old Kos photos from my second trip when I was around 8-9 years old;IMGP6131

The wonky Tigaki beach. Notice how everything is wonky? Ha ha ha. Yeah… used to be very funny back then.IMGP1557 Me and Gwen on a scooter cruising the islandIMGP6125

Me and Megan at sea enjoying the incredible weather. IMGP1385 Melissa, Elisabeth and me at a taverna by the docks in Kos town, getting some lunch after a morning at the beach.

IMGP6127 Playing in the sand by Paradise beachIMGP6128 me and Megan in the pool by Tigaki beach. IMGP0044 Gwen and I out and about on the bar strip in Kos town.

IMGP6126 My first turtle experience!

Im sad that Things are the way they are in Greece, It’s a fascinating and beautiful country With such ancient and unique history and architecture. My experience With the Greek is super friendly, English speaking, food-loving, party loving and generous. The youth that I have met are either uneducated and eager and non English speaking, or enlightened, English speaking intelligent and reflected. I love Greece and I hope time will make Things better. And that the animosity between some of the European countries because of economy and the EU etc, will improve.


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