Getting Greek

IMGP6148 Feeling the warmth instnatly as you deboard the plane, the warm breeze, the friendly sun. We were so happy after the four hour flight, to finally see the Greek Islands again.
IMGP6150 As you arrive what greets you is simply a few Greek peoples waving you in, some shops and ATM’s, no passport control, no scary security faces. You just go outside and pick a bus or a cab to go to where you’re going, guided by the friendly Greek people. 


 Living at Aspro Spiti in Tingaki by Tigaki beach, it’s easy to take a stroll down the market and restaurant street to get to the beach in the morning. I booked it from which I’ve been very happy with before. IMGP6306 We have a big nice swimming pool area, pool bar, lounge, pool table and a big supermarket right next door. It was everything it said on the website, and was really cheap. 


Walking down the cobbled streets of Old town takes you to many surprises and wonderful sights, such as the stunning church, ancient tree of Hipocrates, lovely shops with trinkets, treasures and traditional Greek stuff. I loooove stuff.  IMGP6225

Our Greek Friend Manos that we met in Kos last year took us out to breakfeast and guided us around old town, it was great seeing him again and nice having a Greek person showing us what’s what. IMGP6271 We can’t resist a nice cup of coffee and some ice cream every every day, preferably many times a day, and this surely isn’t the worst place one could sit down for a cuppa. IMGP6236Me, Gwen and my famaily love colorful stuff, and find it hard to resist buyng… Hahah.


We go to the beach and enjoy the sun and the sea, we’ve only been on Tigaki beach so far, basking in the small waves and having fun with goggles on looking at fish.



We go out to eat dinner at a new restaurant every night, and we’ve found our two favourites in Tingaki, Meni and Spyros. We’ll be going back there…!


Going Greek so far has meant buying strawhats, swimming with goggles on, sun tanning, ice cream, Gyros, Aloe Vera, Loads of jewellery, picnics, China chess, hanging in the lobby in the evening to check on internettal stuff, waking up to the sound of the birds and the light of the sun, walking in flip flops and wearing bikinis. – Lovely.

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