Kos = Cozyness

Kos in Norwegian means a hug/coziness/cudliness. And I just thought I’d translate it for you, from Greek, to… well, every language. 


Playing Cluedo in the Lounge at night after the days snorkelling, watersports, tanning, eating and..all those exhausting things..Kos-Fish foot spa-Greece

Treatin. Yo. Self. To A fish spa…. CRAZY experience, we all SQUEEEALED as the fish attacked our feet, sucking the skin with their toothless mouths. Worked wonders on my blister. Hahaha.IMGP6381 Laughing. With dignity.IMGP6368 Eating out. EVERY night. Trying all sorts of Greek foods…. Mmmmm… Ahhh Gyros. IMGP6309

Modern day holiday! Hahaah. Gotta check up on our social medias, after a long day at the beach, before dinner.IMGP6319

Getting the bus into town, wearing our finest, behaving like real ladies. Ehm…IMGP6327

Architecture, Architecture, Architecture….IMGP6339

Picking and choosing between restaurants.. Ahhh… Holiday PROBLEMS. IMGP6245

Silly selfies. IMGP6239Buying WAY too much Jewellery!IMGP6356

Taking our time with the menu, getting tempted by every page turned, deciding, and tasting each others foods.

Pool time!




Walking by the docks in the evening seeing all the sights and lights.

IMGP6359 Looking COOOL by the POOL!



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