Manos this Manos that

This post is dedicated to, (WHO DO YOU THINK) Manos.

IMGP6616Manos is cool ,Manos is hot

Manos’ Our friend and we love him a lotIMGP6628Manos is Sweet, Manos is kind

Manos is Our Greek little find


Manos is patient, Manos is smart

Manos can calm Down an angry little fart


Manos knows where the good Places are

Manos won’t drag the Family too far


Manos knows English, Manos knows Greek

Manos can be Your translator for the week


Manos is crazy, Manos is fun

Manos won’t go for the cheap little pun


Manos goes shopping, He tours the town

After five hours, not one little frown


Manos is awesome, that much is Clear

We first met Manos in Kos, Greece, last year


 Manos is awesome, Manos is fine

He knows how to show Girls a good time


We’ll see Our Manos in Greece again soon

when we see his smile, we’re over the moon


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