New kids on the Kenyan block

My second day here in Mombasa and already I have eaten terrific meals,IMG_0204
gone swimming in the ridiculously hot water, ordered a red bull at the in-pool-bar,20131103-131604.jpg ridden a tuk-tuk, 20131103-131456.jpgmatatu and motorcycle,20131103-131545.jpg gone to the beach twice, gone on a camelback ride 20131103-131521.jpgand been bitten by something and had my eye swell up, so one can say that I’ve gotten a glimpse of the tourist life down here. It is so hot and humid it’s going to take a while to get used to it… I slept alright but I reckon I’ll sleep better tonight with that extra fan I found today! 🙂

20131103-131508.jpg The plane ride with Qatar airlines didn’t dissappoint, after having heard a lot about the airline I expected a lot, and surely they delivered. Airhostesses dressed like in the 60’s with hats and everything. A reception area with roses, excellent movie choices and great food based on Islamic principles.


The other volunteers that were here from before have been really good at introducing me and Scarlett (from Australia, whom I share an appartment with) to everything that we need to know, from how to get places, to how much a matatu fare from Vescon 1 to City Mall should be, so we don’t get ripped off.IMG_0181

The transport is riddicoulus! UNBELIEVABLE, the way the people get around here is truly unique. The roads are bumpy and there’s people everywhere, and you have to watch out for big buses, cars, motorbikes, bicycles, tuk tuks (Three wheeled motorbicycle vehichle thingy) and Matatus (vans or mini buses) IMG_0193

You have to throw yourself in there and hold on to yourself and your bag so you don’t fall off or drop anything. It’s quite a ride, and when you get over being scared and intimidated and you kinda know your way around, it is AMAZING!!!IMG_0200

The Kenyan shillings really give you value for money, but it’s hard to know what thigns really cost as people target you as a cash cow, (I stand out quite a bit) being so WHIIIIIITE  IMG_0207I’m trying really hard to keep up, but it’s getting easier and easier, but I still have loads to learn. Stay tuned!


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  1. Unni Reid says:

    Looks exsotic and exciting ☀

    Sendt fra min iPad

    Den 3. nov. 2013 kl. 11:24 skrev “Jasmin Please stories” :



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