Getting to know

Getting to know

Africa Kenya MombasaGetting to know the buildings the sand, the mud, the brick, the stone, the soil, the warmth it keeps, and the warmth it keeps out, the shacks, the blocks, the houses, the hotels and the childrens homes.Afrika, Africa, beach, Bamburi, Reef hotel, Kenya, Mombasa, volunteering, i-to-iGetting to know the beaches, getting to know the warm warm sand, the salty hot water that feels like a bath, the people on it selling selling, people saying Jambo! People who wants to be your friend, the camels, the horses, the twigs and the grass.Kenya, Mombasa, Volunteering, Africa, i-to-i, Reef hotel, beach poolGetting to know the Volunteers, what they do, how they do it, what they love and what they stand for.

i-to-i volunteering Kenya Mombasa beach camel rideGetting to know the sights and the sayings, the things to do and where to do them, how much to pay and how to barter.

Kenya Volunteering i-to-i in-country team Africa Mombasa Kenya children community Isiah Alice WhatikaGetting to know the project coordinators, what drives them and what they do, how to reach them, what you can ask them, and most importantly, what they can teach you.

i-to-i volunteering Kenya Africa Mombasa Mosquito nets travelGetting to know, the volunteer quarters, basic living and cooperating, community living and eating together, sharing and laughing and helping each other.

Reef hotel Kenya Mombasa i-to-i volunteering AfricaGetting to know where to go to relax, drinks in the water, or volleyball, swim or just rest in the sun.

IMG_0207Getting to know, the value of money, in every sense of the word. How much is a thousand to them? And how much is a thousand to us?

Kenya, Mombasa, Beach, Whitesands, Camel, Camel Ride, AFrica, Volunteer, i-to-iGetting to know, the back of a camel, how to hold on and how to get off, how to jump into and ride a Matatu, hire a Tuk-Tuk or trusting a piki-piki driver.


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  1. Heather Waite says:

    Hello! I was googling pictures of camel rides in Mombasa and saw your picture. If I am right, it looks like you are on the beaches of Mombasa. I stayed at there at the Whitesands Beach and Resort in August of 2013. The camel you rode looks like the one I would ride…Charlie Brown was his name. He had the same seat covering and his little scarf. The one gentleman in your picture looks like the one who took my husband and I out into the ocean during low tide. They were the nicest people ever and I am still in contact with one of them. I hope your experience there was as magical as mine was.


    1. jasminplease says:

      Oh how lovely! Yes you are correct! πŸ™‚ Whitesands was beautiful. And my experience was magical and I intent to go back at some point. I really miss Kenya! Thank you for stopping by the blog and for making the effort of leaving a comment. πŸ™‚


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