Small steps


Rooftops, hospital, rain, Africa, Mombasa, Kenya, Bomu Hospital  My mind has gotten into a sort of mode where I see things as steps, small steps, that instead of me despairing over the overwhelming conditions and the neverending numbers of children and things that need help, my brain has gone into lockdown and found focus points. Volunteering, Matatu, Kenya, Travel, tourism, Africa, Mombasa, i-to-i Every morning Scarlet and I leave the house in the safe gated community we live in and step into the crazy busy streets outside, where we throw ourselves into a Matatu to Mtambo, get of at Lights where there are loads and loads of people, loads and loads of buses, matatus, tuk-tuks, and piki-piki’s.Kenya, Mombasa, Lights, Matatu, Buses, Mud, Africa There are a lot of people there so we have to be alert, we are the only white people there and we get a lot of attention, to the point where drivers are fighting to have us as passangers, and we have to hold on to our possessions in case of pick pockets. We take small careful steps around, assertive but small steps. We get into another Matatu that goes to Moshmoroni, get off there and either walk or get a Piki-piki (motorcycle) through the small streets and down the steep hill to New Hope. Africa, Volunteering, Short rains, Mudd, muddy hill, Moshmoroni, Mombasa, Africa, Volunteering, New Hope If you walk down the hill, especially after all this rain we’ve had, it’s muddy and slippery, so you have to take small steps… Small careful steps. Once inside the safe fences of New Hope, the kids all greet us, they are about 300 kids or more, so Rain, Kenya, Moshmoroni, New hope, Africa, houses One has to be careful not to run them down, as they are running towards us. So we take careful steps around the slippery steep school yard. We didn’t really know what we were supposed to do at the school and childrens home, so mr. Lapheth our coordinator and founder of this academy gave us a tour and did a step-by-step introduction to everything. Rooftops, hospital, rain, Africa, Mombasa, Kenya, Bomu Hospital I wanted to get to know all the kids and to help out everywhere in the school, but it was so hot, and if it wasn’t hot and sunny, it was hot, rainy and muddy, and it was impossible to get to know all the kids at once, and to know where one can help out, so getting the feel of the school and letting the kids come to me, was a good first step. I’ve already helped out in the kitchen (a small shack with three walls) sorting beans, cutting cabbage, cleaning dishes and assisted teachers in marking, tought classes and played with the kids in the compound. Volunteering, Mombasa, Kenya, Africa, Community, children One day mr. Lapheth asked us to escort this wonderful kid to Bomu hospital in town. He has had an accident after playing football, he kicked a piece of metal and has got a bad infection. We didn’t know our way around town, but he did, and took us on two buses and a walk until we were there, at this wonderful hospital that greets us with HOPE HEALTH HUMANITY. A tree was planted there by Alicia Keys, who is a big sponsor of the hospital. He is a HIV positive so he goes here about once a month to get treatment. IMG_0230 It was nice to accompany him, hopefully he felt like it was nice to have grown-ups (If I can call myself that) with him, even though he is a big boy (14) and is street smart and knows his way around. Bomu Hospital, Hope Health Humanity, Kenya, Mombasa The hospital does a lot of Free education on HIV and AIDS which is great, and while we were waiting in the pediatric department, there was a group of women and their babies being educated on prevention of giving HIV on to their kids. Bomu Hospital, Kenya, Mombasa, Sponsored by Alicia Keys, Health, Volunteering, Waiting patiently I introduced him to “Where’s my water?” on my iPhone which he thoroughly enjoyed. He’d never played on a Iphone before, and went from being confused and stressed to being engaged and clever getting way further in the game that I had managed. i-to-i, Volunteering, Africa, Kenya, Community work with children, Mombasa, New Hope Mr. Lapheth introduced us to a kid whom me and Scarlet call Kim, who WALKS all the way to and from Bamburi (the place we leave in the morning that takes us an HOUR to get to work from) by himself everyday. He lives with his grandmother and his father is a drug addict, and so we offered taking him to school, requiring us to get up earlier (at 6 in the morning) meeting him outside the gate and paying for his fare. This is the most adorable child I have EVER met. He was wearing broken shoes that was flopping off his feet, so we bought him a new pair of sandals for 350 Kenyan shillings (Around 2£ !!!!!) And he couldn’t BELIEVE his luck, he was so happy and thanked us and said god bless you, and was so careful and worried about getting mud on his new shoes that he was taking calculated and careful steps. Honestly. I think that is one of the happiest moments in my entire life. Mum, can I take him home with me????? I LOVE HIM!


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  1. Unni Reid says:

    Yes, you can take him home ❤ How will you be able to ever leave him? Or leave Kenya? I’m crying and I’m smiling 😫😀 Keep up the good work, and take care❤ Love love love

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