Pleasure, Leasure and sorting beans

tuk tuk volunteer i-to-i Kenya Mombasa Africa

Getting to and from work has been quite entertaining as the four of us squeeze in to a Tuk-tuk and it struggles up the steep hill and humps over the bumps and the holes in the terrible roads of Kenya

Africa Transport Tuk-tuk Tuk tuk three wheeled motorbike Now we are taking Kim with us as well, as he has to walk very far to get to school, and he lives near us (45 min. walk) So he walks all the way to our house in the morning and we take him either in the Tuk tuk or I go with him on a motorbike. His face is covered by his big smile and I am so happy we can make things easier for him.

New Hope Academy Parachute games volunteering children i-to-i

Eve and Jodie are a new addition to the project Eve is in her 70’s and is going with her 30 something daughter!!! That is pretty bad-ass! Eve teaches drama and her and Jodie has brought books and many brilliant games, and one awesome thing Eve brought was this huge parachute that the kids loved. Lots of fun games with it, they were screaming and laughing of joy!

Sowing volunteering i-to-i Kenya Africa mending clothes

so many of the kids old old patchy clothes needed mending, and I had actually brought a few sowing kits, so we ended up sowing and mending things for them. I am terrible at sowing so it didn’t look very nice, but at least they weren’t broken and full of holes anymore. Some of the girls joined in, and Eve put me to shame with her amazing sowing skills.

Beans sorting Volunteering New Hope Mombasa i-to-i community work

Bean sorting is something Scarlet and I are pretty used to by now. And yeah… I’d say we’re getting good at it. The two newbies has a lot to catch up on. We basically pick out the bad beans that look bad or has holes in them, and pick out small sticks or rubbish or the occasional bug. A nice calm way to start the morning, and very helpful to the kitchen ladies at it’s so much to do there for them.

New Hope Volunteering Girls dormitory games children Africa Kenya

The books that Jodie and Eve brought were a huge success, as was Scarlets fantastic board games! It was fantastic. The kids love it and play over and over again.

Kenya Scouts New Hope Moshmoroni Mombasa

This is Faith, she is a girl scout and the marching leader, she is such a great girl, with ambitions of becoming a police officer. She helped us out a lot on the first day, after our coordinator and the founder Mr. Japheth and his wife and co-founder Violet gave us a tour of the school. The scouts in Kenya are very respected and take the responsebilities seriously, and on some days wear their uniform to school.

New Hope Academy Volunteer football Kenya Mombasa Africa ChildrenNew hope is not only a primary and high school, it has an orphanage, or a childrens home, and the kids live there and are therefore in campus all the time. I bought them a brand new football, that the boys were very happy with.

New Hope Academy Moshmoroni Africa Kenya i-to-i volunteering

While Jo, Eve and Scarlet were entertaining the younger boys and the girls, I made the boys dormitory into a volleyball court. Haha. With a bunk bed as a net. We played so many ball games and had barrels of laughs. I think I’ve done some of the best money spending of my life here, small things that had made such a difference to the kids, and has brought so much joy that made me fell high as a kite.

New Hope Childrens home Twister Volunteering i-to-i Africa Kenya Mombasa gamesPlaying twister with the boys in their dorm.

New Hope Childrens home Kenya Africa Volunteers i-to-iI think the best time that we have is when we spend time with the children’s home kids, and the school kids aren’t there. There are some amazing characters and sweet kids at the school, but they are just so many and they get so excited and it’s really hard for us to organize and give them all the attention they want. On friday the 22nd of november, school finishes and there will be more time to spend with the kids alone. I’ve asked mr. Japheth if it’s okay that Kim comes to school when it finishes, as I want to tutor him in English, and play with him along with the other children.

Jahazi Coffee house Old Town Kenya Mombasa Swahili food restaurantGoing in to Mombasa town is fun exciting and chaotic. But when Alice and Isiah our i-to-i coordinators took us to town they showed us around in the spice market, food market and fabric market and Fort Jesus in old town, and finally, the fantastic Jahazi coffee house. Isiah had booked ahead and paid for our meals, because what they do, is they get some of the local women, that are less fortunate, to cook traditional Swahili food and pay them, so unless you want coffee’s, drinks or traditional Swahili snacks, you have to book ahead. The place has a really cool vibe, you can sit on the floor, eat off the floor, no untensils, so Alice taught us how to eat with our fingers like Africans do.

Jahazi Coffee house Mombasa Old Town Kenya Africa Cat RestaurantThe concept of the place is from an old Swahili tradition, of families and peoples of a community coming together in someone’s house, drinking coffee and talking about local things and communicating about their local environment. And because it gives money back to the community its so brilliant, it helps people, and the food was FINGER LICKING GOOD! Also the art on the walls are from local artists, giving them a place to display their crafts. We chose to sit on the matresses on the floor, as it was so cool, and the boss had fallen asleep on the table.

Nyali International Africa Kenya Mombasa

It’s so nice to unwind somewhere different in the weekends, when you’ve been working in the crazy intense African sun, you are sticky, dirty, dusty, walking through trash, dusting off kids, painting, sowing, sorting beans, playing football till you almost faint, worry and think about how one can make a difference, it is nice to go to calm soothing clean places.

Nyali Beach Mombasa Kenya Africa

The beaches here are really nice, but it’s the season for seaweed to clog them, (annoyingly enough as I HATE seaweed) but the sand is so soft and white, and the breeze feels like a blessing from God. Nyali international is a really nice hotel, with free wifi

Nyali International Mombasa Africa Kenya Pool Hotel

and have these four-poster beds lying around, where you get served food while your browsing on your unit. We had one each. No joke.  You get a weird feeling when you see the other side of the coin, and you know you are able to mingle in both. Guilt, maybe. I don’t know. But I guess because we are still getting used to things, and because we can, we choose to go to these holiday-ish places when we can to recharge.


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  1. Shake Kale says:

    Hi Jasmine.. I work at Jahazi Coffee House. Was kindly asking if I could use the pictures of the premises you took? Thanks.


    1. jasminplease says:

      Hi! Yes of course you can! I loved jahazi and was a frequent costumer. And will be once again when I return! 🙂


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