Birthday again

For the 25th time!

As a volunteer, you never really know what the day is going to turn out to be like, and I spent the first part of my birthday going to the hospital with my main man Daniel again, Bomu Hospital Mombasa Kenya Alicia Keys

That boy makes me smile, He’s so funny, cheeky and smart, and he inspires me. He is so cool, brave and also a typical teenage boy on some ways. The way he reacts to things, in some ways he doesn’t want to show certain feelings, and wants to be stubborn and cool. IMGP7370

But I know I make him happy, because he thinks I’m funny, I make him laugh, I’ve taught him things, he’s taught me things, and I’ve helped him out with a few bits and bobs. After last time at the hospital I knew it would take some time, so I had prepared and brought a picture book of Norway, and he couldn’t believe how there was no litter on the ground.. He thought it was beautiful. I brought crayons and drawing paper so we played hangman, four in a row and drew for each other. IMGP7372 After the hospital I took Daniel for some birthday pizza and Mango juice, which was a nice treat for him, since day after day its rice, beans, maize, rice, maize, beans… We talked a lot about things, how he misses his brothers, and how he wants to become a pilot, how he loves maths and thinks school is interesting. When we got back to school I only had 15 minutes left, so there was no time for games, so I gave out the 200-something lollipops to the mob-mentality-lollipop-loving-crazy kids, and was told by Scarlet, Eve and Jodie that it had been crazy when they gave out the balloons I had brought, and I should be glad I wasn’t there (I HATE BALLOONS) because they kept popping ALL the time. IMGP7387 I had told my buds that I fancied getting some lobster for my birthday, and so Alice had booked us a table at Roberto’s by the beach, and when I got there I was overwhelmed, the table was decorated with flowers, AND, they had made… IMGP7384 a THRONE chair of flowers!!! I quickly realised that my top was a bit transparent, and decided to pose for another more censored picture on the throne. Note that I included the uncensored version.

IMGP7385They all decided they would call me Queen for the rest of the night, and I had to permit people to speak before they were allowed to utter a word. IMGP7381 It struck me how wonderfully weird it is, I spend birthdays all over the globe and I still seem to be surrounded by a group of wonderful people that care about me and do their best to make my day a happy day. Photo on 2013-11-25 at 21.30 #2 Photo on 2013-11-25 at 21.30 #4My fellow volunteers had all written me a card and included our coordinators Alice and Isiah, which was really lovely, and my fellow New Hoper’s had gotten all the kids from the childrens home to write on a card for me, with a photo with some of them, including my dear Kim that we take to school everyday. It was so moving, some of the mesages were so lovely, and it made me really happy.

IMGP7383How lucky am I? I was so happy and sentimental at the same time.volunteering i-to-i Mombasa Kenya birthday celebration

The staff and the cooks all came out singing for me, clapping and dancing in a proper Kenyan fashion. I was so surprised and couldn’t stop laughing. Usually in the US or the UK, the staff ar half-assed and unenthusiastic and kind of embarrassed, but these guys were singing like there was no tomorrow. Volunteering in Kenya i-to-i Mombasa community work with children BirthdayAnd there is no birthday without cake! And for this year, a delicious Tiramisu! IMGP7397 Can you tell that I liked it?  IMGP7396  

After having rested our bellies, on our way out of the restaurant we walked past a pool, and I expressed my desire for jumping in, and Alice encouraged me, even though it was evening, and it belonged to a hotel, but before I knew it, the girls were taking of their clothes, and we all jumped in like children. It was exhilarating, and the water was gentle and warm, and I felt so so happy and free. We laughed all the way to the car. IMGP7401

I had said that I would love to do some karaoke, IMGP7408 so we made our way to Yellow Ribbon, soaked and happy, for some karaoke time.

IMGP7412Phoebe and Lily rocked out to some The Killers.

IMGP7411Mum and daughter Eve and Jodie rocked out to some The Beatles, with Yesterday. It was so awesome, we had tons of fun, and after an overenthusiastic and draining performance of “Im so excited”  by me and Jodie, I felt like it was time for bed, as tomorrow was another early day at the school.

It was another great birthday. Another success. Here’s some previous birthday posts:

Its fun looking back at photos of the place and the people around me on my birthday. Just another reminder to myself, how lucky I am, and how life is unexpected, scary and wonderful.


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  1. Unni Reid says:

    Ser ut som du hadde en fantastisk bursdag 😀🎈Vil nok alltid huske 25årsdagen din!💝

    Sendt fra min iPad

    Den 25. nov. 2013 kl. 20:55 skrev “Jasmin Please stories” :



  2. rickyg35 says:

    oohhhh that lobster looks great

    You look fantastic!!


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