School’s over

Volunteers i-to-i Kenya Mombasa Vescon So it came to pass when the time of Jodie, Eve and Scarlet was running out, and also, school. Which meant that Kim wouldn’t get a ride with us to school anymore. New Hope academy Mshmoroni Volunteer children i-to-i As fun it is to play with all the kids in the primary school (there are around 300) It’s difficult to get more one on one time with the kids. This is Cinderella in her school uniform by the way, she is one of the Children’s home kids.  New Hope academy Mshmoroni sorting beans i-to-i MombasaAfter the exams there wasn’t really that much teaching needed either, so it was a lot of sorting beans, maize and chopping cabbage, and play with the stampede of children in their breaks. It was really intense and overwhelming, luckily we were four and could divide ourselves to different groups of kids. i-to-i New Hope academy Mshmoroni children Mombasa I love playing with Kimanzi and his little friends from first grade. He is ten years old, but has been put in first class because he is very behind on school work and his English isn’t up to scratch. He comes from a very poor background and a complicated one, so that’s just the way it is. But he is the prefect of his class and takes responsibility, and gets along fine with his little classmates. i-to-i volunteering New Hope academy Mshmoroni The kids LOVE it when I play the ticklemonster… Be careful.. or you will awaken the.. TICKLEMONSTER!!!!! And there are high pitched screams and kids running in all directions, and some cheekily sneaking up to me to be tickled and chased.IMGP7476 There is a little girl that I will miss a lot, she was so cute and very clever, and I had a great time with her during breaks. We even have a secret handshake. i-to-i volunteering gapyear New Hope academy Mshmoroni Mombasa Scarlett’s hair seems to be irresistible to the kids, everyday they wanted to comb it, braid it and, comb it again, and braid it again. It was rather painful judging by the looks of her face, and I am glad I established that boundary early on, that my hair is not to be braided. And judging by the state of it at the moment after all the bleaching, it would fall off if they did!acrobats New Hope academy Mshmoroni As a treat for the kids after the exams, the director mr. Japheth payed some acrobats to entertain the kids in the school compound. They were up and down and climing on a stick and on ecah other.  Screen shot 2013-12-04 at 21.38.54And after graduation, came the time where Eve could whip out her fantastic parachute. It was so beautiful and there were so many different games one could play with it, kids running under it, playing with a ball, and the Sea monster, which was hilarious.i-to-i volunteering Kenya Mombasa New Hope school parachute I don’t think the kids will ever forget that.  i-to-i New Hope academy MshmoroniJodie and Eve got the kids together to sing some songs, and to perform “Worlds Greatest”. The kids pretty much knew all of the r-kelly song that I’ve never heard before, so after some practise, we filmed them signing it. It was pretty awesome.i-to-i volunteering Mombasa New Hope academy Mshmoroni More time getting to know the childrens home kids, like Yvonne  who’s at the high school, but she had to live with the primary kids because there were only six boys left of the boarders, and no girls. Beautiful warm young Yvonne, who has only been here for six months. I told her that she sounds like Marilyn Monroe when she talks, but she didn’t know who she was.


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