Drama at the Butterfly pavilion

My fellow volunteers joined me in meeting our orphanages at the Butterfly pavilion on sunday (an off-day for us) for Kensalt’s function ( a salt manufacturor in Kenya) that they arrange every year for all the local orphanages around Mombasa.

IMGP7812It was finally the day to perform the drama that I have been rehearsing with some of the kids from New Hope. i-to-i volunteering Butterfly pavilion Orphanage Kensalt functionThe idea was from Ivone (the girl to the right) and was titled “Abortion is a crime” !!!! That tells the sad story of Shantel the young girl who meets a boy on her way home to school, goes on a date, gets pregant, the boy runs away, her friends reject her, her parents take her to the hospital and the father commands the doctor to perform an abortion even though it is illegal and the doctor isn’t trained, and then.. she dies. Yes. Educational. For this country. Kinda. (I manage to slip in a line -Shantel, why did you do this? Why didn’t you at least use a condom?) volunteering i-to-i Mombasa Africa Butterfly pavilion Orphanage Kensalt functionI was excited but nervous, but was made to feel better after I got some facepaint. I can paint a better cat then that though. I think the kids from New hope ALL could. 2013 Kenya Mombasa Butterfly pavilion Orphanage Kensalt functionThe arrangement was a LOT bigger than I thought. Loads of people, loads of seats, loads of food being given away, fizzy drinks to everyone, and of course, big bags of salt. And there were activities going on all the time. Butterfly pavilion Orphanage Kensalt functionWe were watching the entertainment that was interactive with the hosts and some of the volunteer children from the different orphanages; three legged run, races, eating competition and other funny stuff. But I was anxious to hear the programme of the contributing entertainment. New Hope School Mombasa Butterfly pavilion Orphanage Kensalt functionHilary, the head boy of the School and the Father in the play, had registered us early in the day and so it was just havig to wait. The boys moved their chairs into the shade and waited and enjoyed their fizzy drinks. They were all dressed up smartly and fashionably. It still baffles me how much swagger they got! New Hope Jimmy Forrester Kenya Mombasa Look at handsome Forrester!IMGP7877Handsome lovely boys from the Children’s home, being all cool, but I can still make them giggle by having a cat face and being silly. Silly boys. Kingsley Jasmin New Hope Butterfly pavilion Orphanage Kensalt functionKingsley is a lovely boy, he’s really responsible, warm and caring, but he also walks around with such swagger, he should be on the catwalk really. Although he confessed himself too shy to join in on the drama. Mombasa Kenya Volunteering i-to-i Butterfly pavilion Orphanage Kensalt functionI had a lot of fun running around with the smallest kids, but it was such a hot day that I felt like a pile of sweaty white shit, so I didn’t really last long. I had to just sit down and rest. And I laid my saron down on the grass and took a nap until New Hope was called to do enter the field for performing. Volunteering drama performance i-to-i Mombasa Butterfly pavilion Orphanage Kensalt functionThe kids started, talking loudly into the microphone, and I was so stressed, I felt like a mother, worrying about them being nervous but still being so proud of how hard they were working. THen…, POWERCUT. The sound went off. And nothing was done until I ran across and told the arrangors to stop them and tell them to resume when the power was on. No one could hear them, and it was at least 500 people there! Volunteering drama performance i-to-i Mombasa Butterfly pavilion Orphanage Kensalt function 2013Then the power came back on and they started again. They were so good! We only rehearsed a week, but they really impressed me, made people laugh, and even though the audience was talkative, they responded and laughed, and even approached me after and expressed delight! Volunteering i-to-i Kenya mOmbasa Africa Butterfly pavilion Orphanage Kensalt function facepaintThen me and the cutest thing on the planet started the journey home, tired I was, but happy to see that Kim had a great day, and wouldn’t have been there to experience it if it hadn’t been for me. Now that’s something.



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  1. The information on the organizers and sponsors of this humbling initiative are incorrect.


  2. John says:

    Jasmine, Talanta Kenya Ltd. a marketing company that serves leading corporates such as Kaysalt, Pwani Oil, Toyota Kenya among others organized and has been organizing the Needy Kids event every year at the Butterfly Pavilion that you attended. The Corporates offer their support in kind and we were privileged to have Kaysalt (not Kensalt) support the event among other sponsors.
    Kindly amend the blog as it is misleading and gives credit to a competitor of our leading client. The rest of the blog is however an entertaining read.


  3. Dear Jasmin,
    it is with great disappointment and regret that we write to you to express our dissatisfaction by being wrongly quoted by ur blog.
    the salt manufacturer for this wonderful event that we sponsored is Kaysalt and not Kensalt who are our competitors.
    we as Krystalline Salt Ltd, the manufacturers of Kaysalt Premium supported Talanta Kenya ltd in hosting this fun day for all the homes.

    We did so with an intention to touch the lives of the orphans there, hence use donating tons of salt to achieve this.

    Kindly amend this on your blog to avoid misrepresentation of a different company in something that we believed.Our salt is Kaysalt Premium.
    I look forward to seeing this amend on your blog.

    thank you.

    Connie Kagwiria


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