New year, New Hope(s)

Christmas went by quickly, so quickly in fact that the snow didn’t make it on time, and I now in the snowy streets of Sarpsborg feel it necessary to still listen to Christmas songs on my beloved new Iphone. Christmas as usual was a time for family, food and knitted clothes, and I gained a whole lot of weight that I had lost while working hard in Kenya.Christmas in Norway - Gingerbread house Christmas Norway Christmas tree food NorwayNew Years eve was spent with good friends around a Raclette dinner table ( ) at Patrick and Jørgen’s house, and my new years resolutions revolves a lot around self improvement as usual, but also a lot about focus. Focusing on family. Focusing on my fight for a Visa. Focusing on the kids back in New hope.IMG_0840So now Im back on the horse, trying to go to the gym as often as possible, no matter how much I hate it, I know it’s good for me. IMG_1016But it’s very hard as a lot of my time is taken up by our new (since beginning of January) little furball puppy Luna, a 12 week old Icelandic sheepdog. IMG_0959She is so fricken cute, but as puppies do, she pees inside, she bites on EVERYTHING, and she jumps around and eats up shoes, and needs walking. Every week we take her to a puppy training course with other puppies, and although challenging it is so much fun, especially when its playtime and they all go crazy with each other. Walking out in the snow everyday takes it toll when you’d rather stay inside in the warm watching something good on tv with a cup of cocoa, but Since I barely get any shifts at work, it feels extra good when I sit back on the couch after a walk out with Luna. IMG_1066My grandmother (Mormor) is very unlucky, and has had another fall, my mum read in the paper that statistically people over 80 fall once a year, so this is hopefully her dosage for this year. Last year right before christmas she fell and broke both her arm and back, then got the flu, and then a stomach virus, and then pneumonia. So… that was great. But this year she hit her head, and hurt her back bone a bit, but nothing broken, and I don’t think she’s got any brain damage, as she’s talking as much as she ever did. IMG_1176She is so cute and funny. It’s kinda mean putting this picture on the web I guess, but It’s just such a tragic-comic shot of her all bandaged up looking disgruntled. I love her so much. She is amazing.

Now I am focusing on the last steps of the k1 visa application that Rick and I are going through. We’ve come really far, it’s gotten all the way to the embassy, so I just need a medical exam and to gather the last papers and I’m all done. Then it’s off to stockholm for an interview.

But before that, I am rustling up all the drawings by the children of New Hope, and arranging an Exhibition of the poems and artworks they made. I came up with this idea when I was there, and bought them paper and colours to splash their imaginations down with. I was very very lucky and got some frames donated by the Frame workshop at ASVO – Sarpsborg, and my good friend Linn has fixed me up with a great location in Gamlebyen for FREE. So, now it’s just trying to get people together and to get into the generous mindset, that is hard to find in the poor months of January and february. IMGP7748It’s weird looking back, it seems so long ago already, probably because it’s so different from here. But I keep looking at the pictures from Kenya, and I get reminded everyday of the children I got to know and love, and how much they will appreciate my help, and how much it will contribute to their future. So, now I need to get to work, to raise some money for the kids of New Hope!


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