K1 visa medical examination

Well I’m not going to lie, I’ve been dreading this day for a while and begrudged how much money I have to spend on all this medical stuff for the visa application. On my way to Oslo I was so nervous

20140205-133919.jpg and kept checking my bag to see that I didn’t forget anything.

I needed to bring my passport, new passport photos, vaccination card – and this very important form “request fort chest X-ray and serological tests” that I had to have stamped by the X-ray people (that already cost me a fortune 1190 NOK – almost 200 $) and the hospital that took my blood tests. I was also told I needed to get a cd of the X-ray results to bring with me in the hand luggage when I travel to the us. (!?) I had planned the trip to the ONLY doctor in Norway who is certified by the embassy to do this exam, who luckily was in Oslo, only around two hours away from me.

It felt like a grim day when I got to Oslo, and me being a retard and not understanding anything of our capital city that I don’t even like very much had to faff around a lot to find the place, and needed a map when I got to the center

Finally found the entrance in the weird maze like outdoor/indoor shopping and medical centre it was

Privately owned medical centre in Norway. Don’t like the concept, don’t like the prices, don’t like the vibe.

But the receptionist was the loveliest woman ever (they kinda have to provide excellent service as we pay them so much) and made me feel better although I had to wait Way longer than I should while taking advantage of those private company perks such as free wifi and coffe machines.


Then it was in to her office with my papers and filling out some of her forms, then into a toilet to pee in a cup

Pay the 3000kr ( = 480 $) and wait for the doctor to see me to do the physical exam. Eeeeeek! The man let me in and his voice was all gruffly and raspy like in any woman’s worst nightmare. I ha to start taking clothes of although I could barely hear the command. Then he told me he had lost his voice and we started joking and things got a little less uncomfortable.
As he did my blood pressure and heartbeats I bleeted out nervously -is everything ok!? And he said it’s all perfect. As I admitted to be super nervous he informed me that some k1 visa applicants get so nervous they can’t calm down and they have to send them to their personal doctor, for further testing, which obviously delays the process. So I was lucky. Three years of acting school and breath control finally paid off! I can calm my breath. 🙂 He required no genital exam (phew! Scary…) as I have never has an STD ! Ohh yeah. left the office knowin I was healthy!!!! That is something I do not take for granted! The receptionist informed me yah last year they got 220 people in for a k1 visa check which was a bit disheartening. Let’s hope the statistics arent against me!
But now, that step is over ! On to the next… Closer and closer to the goal



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