I am currently writing, sitting at the end of a happy journey, which cost  my beloved and me a vast amount of money, distress, turmoil, paperwork, travel and a long ten months apart. To any k1 visa applicants. I feel your pain. ESPECIALLY, if you are in the same situation as Rick and I was in, and were unable to see each other, LITERALLY kept apart by Law.  IMG_0042

So our long distance relationship began, with HOURS AND HOURS of skype, whatsapp, Viber and emails. IMG_0163

Rick had to continue working, and So did I, but at the same time, we had to get an attorney to help us with the HUUUGE amounts of paperwork, to hopefully get things moving smoother and faster. At first I was sceptical, looking at the fees, but I am really glad we hired an attorney, it was a lot of money, but some of the paperwork is really difficult and it has to be accurate or you can get rejected, and then you’ve lost money and time, and have to start all over again, and just the first part of it, – Getting the petition through takes a loooong time. IMG_1232
Exchanging, important papers, passport photos, signatures, gathering documents, legal papers, police certificates, translation of birth certificate, translation of military papers, paying a certified translator, going to Oslo to the only approved doctor for the medical exam, then going to a doctor getting an xray of the chest, and getting blood tests, (all this medical stuff was really expensive – BUT you can reuse the information when applying for adjustment of status and Greencard) this was a part of our daily lives, and checking the mail became a ritual, but helped when we would send gifts,IMG_0177Letters, postcards and packages. These tokens of love really helped. And these things are great for evidence which you have to provide to show that your marriage is Bona Fide.

Then I got an Iphone ( FINALLY – after resisting for yeeeeeears) to easier connect and ALWAYS have internet, as we were intensely keeping in touch and keeping each other updated. Selfies. Loads of selifes. I am almost ashamed of the amount of selfies I would take a day…haha. But any legit reason would be, – a long distance relationship I would think!

Travel selfies

IMG_1449School selfiesIMG_1446Gym selfies

IMG_0958How cute is our new puppy selfiesIMG_1462And I miss you so much please tell me I’m still the one Im so insecure and think about you all the time selfies.

IMG_0369   Then I travelled to Kenya, London, Greece and around the country, keeping myself occupied when all the paperwork was done, and we just had to wait.

We were really lucky with our petition. As it says that it can take from 6-8 months to get the petition approved, for us it took SIX WEEKS!!!! That is insane!!!! Our attorney was really surprised and said that’s the fastest she’s ever experienced it coming in. So if your out there and have been waiting a hell of a long time, I feel for you, buckle up and treat yourself everyday. IT’s GOING TO HAPPEN!

IMG_1297    After the petition was through, the medical exams were through I had to sit down and go through the difficult application form online to the US embassy in Stockholm ( as the US embassy in Oslo for some reason doesn’t deal with K visas. ) After consulting my attorney with EVERY question I was unsure about, and STRUGGLED with getting a good enough picture that would fit their weird cropping shizzle for hours and hours and hours, I paid the fee and scheduled an interview. Took the train to Stockholm, had a sleepless and anxiety filled night at a hotel and…IMG_1362Got ready for the interview at the embassy. The embassy was very intimidating, as ALL US government buildings are, Homeland security and passport control, they use tactics to intimidate you, make you feel suspected of something, make you feel worthless and small…. yeah you get it. Anyway, the interview was very short, I was standing in a booth, as you would in a bank, they had a HUUUUGE pile of papers a LOT of information on us, and asked me

– Where and how did you meet?

– What does your fiance do?

And then they told me they had to inform me about my fiances legal past and that was it. I dressed up, brought LOADS of papers and pictures and copies of sms, whatsapp logs, skype logs, emails, letters and postcards for THAT!? Yeah. Well.. They told me that everything was in order, except my passport picture wasn’t approved (hahahaha) and that the medical exams hadn’t come through yet, but if I sent new photos and the medical exam was approved, it would be issued. So they gave me a website to check, and I half feeling good and half in suspense left and went back home to Norway, checking this website EVERY hour every day.IMG_1507So it went from this

IMG_1500  TO this… and I emailed the embassy so often that THey emailed me personally telling me…..IMG_1516 Ohhh yeah!!! IMG_1517ISSUED! Then I waited and waited almost a week, until it came in the mail!

IMG_1625A big fat packet with instructions, and my passport with the visa inside and a biiiig yellow envelope that I wasn’t to open, just for the officers at border protection. Then after two long horrible journey, a tormenting, rude interviews at the airport, and a lot of waiting, they let me out, and I was shaking, shivering, crying and almost squealing, when finally…..

photo-14I was in my loves arms in Los Angeles. After a few days of bliss we flew home together to Hawaii, where we got our Marriage licence.


We were lucky. We made it. And we are now together. We are married. If you are applying, or struggling with this journey, don’t hesitate to ask me questions or comment. I hope you make it! Love to all.



    1. Hi Cara!
      No, it’s not complicated at all, and you can get a pretty decent blog for free! WordPress is really good as it is user friendly. Just go on to and start from there, choose a name, choose a Design, (one of the free ones) And follow the steps to customize it. Go on YouTube or Google instructions, you can learn a lot from it!

      – I have a pro account because I use blog so much, and for so many different things, and I post a lot of pictures so I need a lot of space. And with that account I get the domain I have ‘’ otherwise I would have ‘’ So that is what you will have.
      But you will have SO much fun with it! – All you need is an email address. Which you obviously have. Good luck! And don’t hesitate to visit my page again and ask me anything! 🙂


  1. I cried when i finished reading this. 😭😭😭 I feel you! How were you able to get the whatsapp logs? Did you take pictures of them? Facebook and whatsapp are the only apps that my bf and i use to talk. Once a week he calls me, we send tons of videos and recordings everyday and of course selfies. I want to know how you managed to get the log ins in the apps. Thank you so much! You are so lucky you are with your love already. I pray to be as lucky as you too! God bless!

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    1. Hello! Thank you for commenting, I know that what you are going through is scary and awful, and I am totally feeling you too! I actually just screenshotted any good dialoue on my phone and prayed they wouldn’t think I had taken the time to photoshop it. But they didn’t even look at my Skype/twitter/whatsapp conversations or emails at ALL. BUT, still keep records just in case!! I would say screenshot, even skype talks with both your faces in them, so they see you are wearing different outfits etc, eg. you are talking in many occasions. It took us 10 months apart! It is HARD! 😦 But yeah I am so lucky, thank goodness. Let me know if you have any other questions. xx


  2. Jeg ser det er en stund siden du postet dette, men jeg prøver uansett 🙂 Jeg og min forlovede har akkurat sendt inn papirene, så nå venter jeg spent på instruksjonene for resten av mølla! Men jeg lurer på om man ikke kan benytte seg av røntgen på lokalt sykehus i stedet for å dra til privat institutt?

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    1. Hei! Lykke til. 🙂 Dere kan kanskje se hverandre i mellomtiden hvertfall? Hmm.. Det kan hende, jeg fikk beskjed av den legen i Oslo at jeg måtte gjøre det på noen visse steder, og han gav meg en liste. Men for guds skyld prøv! Når de sender deg ordrene av hva du trenger kan du jo spørre, jeg husker ikke helt åssen det funker. Men håper du får det til! Det er dyrt nok alt det andre. Hold meg oppdatert! 🙂


      1. Tusen takk! Jeg er utrolig spent, nervøs, angstfylt og lykkelig! Gleder meg veldig til jeg sitter der du sitter i dag! Vi fikk første bekreftelsesmail i går (godt nytt år til oss 😀 ), bare at vi hadde blitt omdirigert til California Service Center, men iallfall er det en lettelse at ballen ruller! Vi har hatt fire besøk i år, og han kommer tilbake til Norge om to uker, så det hjelper på! Håper du også hadde en fantastisk feiring!


  3. After your NOA2 arrived, did they ask you to supply them with any income taxes to show that the minimum requirement will be covered? Thank you so much!!!

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    1. Are you a sponsor or the alien? They required it from my husband, they needed to see that he can provide for the both of us, so we won’t apply for social services or food stamps. And since I couldn’t legally work for 6 months either, it was necessary. Although I saved up money from working in Norway. I can’t recall whether or not they asked me for my income. I don’t think so though. Hope this helps a little if at all! 🙂


      1. Hi Jasmine,
        I am the sponsor. So they did require it of your husband. Do you know if your husband sent in proof of his income with the Initial I-129f package, or did the USCIS contact him later asking for it?
        Our application was received December 21, 2015, so it’s been a month and a half so far of waiting. Luckily, I got to spend the last 40 days in China with her on a tourist visa, but now we are apart and well, you know how the separated wait is…
        Thank you so much for the reply.

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      2. Yes he did send the proof. We had an attorney, so that was a great help as she told us everything we had to do and more. Helped us a lot with the elaborate paperwork. It’s easy to make mistakes on this loooooong application process.


  4. Hei! Å gud, skjønner hva du snakker om med alt stresset rundt denne søknaden, jeg har ENDELIG fått godkjent papirene mine og nå ligger søknaden på ambassaden i sverige. Jeg har bare et teknisk spørsmål, har ikke funnet svaret på dette noen steder. På check listen står det at man trenger fødselsattest på engelsk, det er greit nok. MEN så står det at den skal inneholde foreldrenes fødested. Måtte du kontakte noen spesielle for å få dette eller tok du bare med den vanlige til ambassaden?

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    1. Nei, jeg måtte få en NY fødsels attest med foreldrene mine på. Helt latterlig. Og så en oversettelse av den. Har du fått tak i noen til å gjøre de offisielle oversettelsene for deg?


      1. Hehe, jeg ville ikke ha flere hindre med papirmølla nå!! Nei, det er kun da denne fødselsattesten jeg trenger oversatt hvis de kun skriver den ut på norsk. Den vanlige får man jo i engelsk versjon… jeg har aldri vært gift og jeg har ingen barn, så da blir det vel kun politiattesten jeg trenger som offisielt dokument og DEN fikk jeg jo tak i på engelsk 😉


      2. Bare så jeg ikke misforstår, din attest hadde fødselsdato og fødested til foreldre? Min engelske versjon har kun navnene deres, trodde det holdt 😀


  5. Such an awesome story, so delighted to have found your blog. I’m in a long distance relationship and we are considering him relocating here to the sttes so we can finally be together and start new wonderful life but we are just so confused, don’t even know the first step to take lol. Might I ask where did you find your lawyer?

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    1. Hello Mary! It IS confusing, and very very difficult, and expensive. But so worth it. We definitely want to move to Europe when my husband is done studying, so we’ll have to go through another complicated VISA situation 😦 BUT, my husband found the attorney, and since he was in Hawaii, it wasn’t that hard to find. Google a local immigration attorney and ask if they deal with K1 Visas often. Cross reference on Yelp to make sure they are not only successful but worth the money! Good luck!


  6. Hello and congratulations! So happy to read an article about how you made it 🙂 I am from Czech republic and my fiancé from California and right now we are waiting for the USCIS to get it approved. We hired attorney as well and they sent in all our stuff two months ago… So we are patiently waiting :((( it’s really horrible but hopefully it will be done by the end of this year. Once again congratulations and it makes my heart extremely happy to see happy ending like this! Have a great great day and thanks again for this article 🙂 Anna

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    1. Hi Anna! Congratulations on finding love. I KNOW it’s absolutely horrible. I had terrible anxiety, worrying that it wasn’t going to work out, and being apart that whole time is hard. I’m sure things will work out, having an attorney will really help! I am actually now applying for removal of conditions to my greencard, which you have to do after two years. And I am going to post about that too, because it’s another expensive elaborate process. Anyway, please keep me posted, and good luck!!! 😀


  7. Your story is so nice my fiancé has an interview in two weeks for the interview and unfortunately we can’t get some documents because he is from Syria and can’t obtain them since he moved to turkey and can’t go back because of the war. I hope the consul is understanding and issues him the visa quickly and easily


  8. Hi Jasmine! It’s indeed a very inspiring story.. So before you applied for the K1 visa, how do you guys met? Have you met personally?
    I am in a long distance relationship, but we have never met in person yet.. Now we decided to have a fiancee visa and I’ve been reading about the k1 application and that it needs 2 person to have personally met before. Hoping to hear from u.

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    1. Hi, yes we met of course. The visa is very hard to obtain, and I don’t think you stand a chance if you haven’t met before. I would encourage you to visit each other and get to know each other in person first, then take a lot of photographs for proof, keep receipts of dinners, flights, cinema tickets etc. Good luck!


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