The lazy life of a new Housewife

IMG_0380Never did I imagine that my life would turn out like this. I never dreamt of it! Now as I have just gotten married, my husband is studying and working to provide for the both of us, I have worked for a WHILE on all the paperwork with our attorney to apply for my adjustment of status and my greencard. So it’s all done, soon ready to be filed, but we don’t know how long it will be until I can work. It could be from 5-9 months! That is a Looooooooooooooooooooooooong time! And I can’t even volunteer.

But I’m getting involved with some writers groups, and Improv groups and I’m being creative and getting some writing done, and preparing for some community theater auditions, and other than that, try to do my housewifely duties.

So the days and weeks consist of IMG_0353Shopping for groceries and extras

IMG_0673Cooking for two. Getting into the swing of doing a dinner everyday. Although my trooper husband cooks for me too, when he has days off. IMG_0542Cycle to town for social events, ruining my hear and sweating off my makeup. IMG_0471Maintaining my shitty practically ungrowable nails, (yep… that’s what I do now…. like a proper wifey… it’s ridiculous. But MAN don’t my hands look less chubby with longer nails!? And, it makes my WEDDING ring look better.)IMG_0397Scrapbooking IMG_0451Making waffles with our INSANELY cool waffle iron from Moods of Norway, a great wedding gift  from my mother. IMG_0308Keeping up appearances while watching TVIMG_0654Chilling by our pool catching some rays. God I’m disgusting. Yeah I know. I’m the luckiest little shit. IMG_0459Hang out with Ricks family IMG_0540 IMG_0433 IMG_0388GYM GYM GYM GTL GYM TAN LAUNDRY IMG_0355Yeah, laundry. For two. So two times a week, as my husband sweat bucketloads cycling in the sun back and forth from School and work, plus his work clothes that needs cleaning a lot plus plus plus towels, swimming suits, underwear times a thousand as we both have to change it several times a day which is another shitty thing that comes with living in a HOT place, sheets, mats bla bla bla, now I’m starting to feel my sisters pain who does laundry EVERY day for her three sons and man and herself. Jeez. And she folds all that shit too. I no foldy. I do roll folding.. ohh yeah. Rolls and rolls of towels! IMG_0704 IMG_0611Getting pathetically obsessed and happy from simple pleasures such a brand new (Another wedding present from MUMMY <3) beautiful expensive Nespresso coffee maker and espresso maker, and a membership in the Nespresso club, ordering coffee and getting cool stuff and drinking lots and lots of coffee. IMG_0390Best of all, when husband comes home, and we eat, sleep, watch tv, movies, go out to see a lunar eclipse, swim in the pool, cuddle and just live for each other!




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