A Fractured week

So I was about to start writing a post the other day and then I went out with my bicycle with Rick and I have an accident. I was cycling with my umbrella because I can see some dark clouds I was stupid enough to let hand on the side of the bicycle and went into the wheel the bike fit forwards and I fell to the ground and caught myself with one arm. I left it for  three days thinking it’ll get better trying to rest my arm.  IMG_0855I elevated my arm,  like Rick told me to and I took some   anti-inflammatory pills, Rick got me a compression wrap and we hoped it would get better.
I slept really badly and three days later I went to the swimming pool to exercise my I am slowly to see how much movement I could do. Then I could just feel that something wasn’t right it was painful and I couldn’t move my arm properly and I just didn’t feel right, so I asked Rick if we could go to the hospital.IMG_0857 I found my travel insurance details and we headed for the hospital. We had to go to the emergency room as the office hours were clothes, which Rick was frustrated about because it would cost much more money, and I wasn’t sure if we had to pay on the day and then send the bill to the insurance company or if we could send the bill directly to the insurance company. I’m not familiar with the system here, but I am aware that it’s not as fair, available and great as in good old Norway. IMG_0867Me wearing a homemade sling.

But when we got there we were greeted really nicely and it didn’t take too much waiting before I was seen by the doctor,IMG_0879 after seeing a few nurses. he asked me a lot of questions and tried to figure out the mobility of my arm and then surprised both me and Rick by saying that he thought I’d fractured something. I couldn’t believe it, and it upset me so much in my initial reaction was just to start Crying and the doctor was shocked and got a bit concerned, and I had to calm down and ensure him there was nothing else I was just very surprised and kind of b bummed out.      IMG_0881

Then we headed for the x-ray, and sure enough I have fractured my armIMG_0880

And here I sit, Unable to type on the computer. I have just figured out how to dictate into my Mac so it can write down what I want to write… which is really handy, as nowadays I preoccupy myself mostly by writing and I also participate in several groups like improvisation groups, acting groups and readers groups.
this week I have to rest and do a few exercises that my doctor told me to do. He prescribed and pain killers for me and he must’ve taken me seriously when I said that the normal Ibuprofens I’m taking talking didn’t really do anything for me, and I have taken way more pills than what I am used to, so he prescribed me percocets that I’ve never taken before… and they are pretty strong, they made me dizzy and I feel really sick sometimes and they do make me quite sleepy which is good I guess…?photo-15

I slept really badly lately though, difficult to find a position that’s comfortable and I’m a person who tosses and turns in bed anyway but now I have to be so careful with my movements.
But it’s just a broken arm, and be over soon, I just need to try and do my exercises, although they are really difficult because my arm doesn’t stretch out and it doesn’t really Wanna bend either. my elbow is really sore and it hurts all the time.

So this is officially the first time I’m writing a blog with dictation instead of typing. I probably have to go back and do some corrections on the grammar and spellings and whatever else I don’t know how well this is going, but I am so glad I have the option. I just have to relax watch movies and TV that’s great.
Anyway, going to try to still post, and get better at this dictation thing, it’s somehow hard for me to say the words rather than write, the thought process is kind of different for me. I realise that this post probably sounds very complainy but I do realise that things could’ve been so much worse and I’m actually really lucky to be here. And it’s going to be so nice to have a fully functioning not painful arm again so i can go swimming and tanning on the beach and go back to my groups and start writing on the play again, and really grabbing life in Hawaii by the balls.


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  1. Unni Reid says:

    God bedring❤🎈💕💜🌺💖
    Ikke mer 🚲+🌂!!!!

    Sendt fra min iPad

    Den 22. mai 2014 kl. 13:19 skrev “Jasmin Please stories” :



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