Memorial Lanterns


IMG_8462Rick, our friend Manny and I strolled down to Ala Moana beach park to witness the annual Memorial day Lantern ceremony

IMG_8446There were so many people there, pre-estimated around 40.000, so the beach park was really crowded. IMG_8460Still, it was a really good vibe, food stands, people sitting around, grilling, and music was playing. IMG_8451The big stage was set up, with huge screens around the beach area so that all of the crowds somehow could see.

IMG_8456  There was a Buddist priestess – her holiness Shinso Ito, who performed the seremony, wth incesnce, candle light, prayer and song. It was fascinating. And her voice rang clear and high pitched in my ear, and the eager translator tried to empower the words as well as her holiness, illustrating for the rest of us who do not speak Japanese.IMG_8463Then after some music performed by a local orchestra, the lantern floating began. IMG_8476People streamed towards the waters edge, letting the lanterns with memories and thoughts of their loved ones go, creating a beautiful sight.IMG_8478

There were many beautiful sights that night..IMG_8481Love and grief go hand in hand. Unavoidable in this endless cycle of life and death. I cling to the good moments, especially when I am wise and lucky enough to realize I am in one of them.IMG_8483I stole this image, as it was unreal. So beautiful.  What a sight.

Memorial Day 2014 Hawaii Honolulu Ala Moana Beach Lantern


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