Housesitting and Hanauma Bay

IMG_1331My friend went  on a holiday to visit her husband who is working on the mainland, and I was appointed to house sit at her lovely house in Kailua. It’s a nice spacious house, so it was so nice for me and Rick to be there. I went on ahead to see Annie off, and Rick came over the next day to join meIMG_1336My sister in Law Danielle and Udell took Rick there and joined us for some garden and pool time funIMG_1341 IMG_1343 IMG_1347I loved having a nice back yard, and a pool I could jump into at any hour, EVEN AFTER TEN O CLOCK. I went Geocaching with Lucas IMG_1388Rick and I watched the World Cup with my family on Skype (we don’t have cable at home, so it was the only game we got to watch,)IMG_1370We visited Lanikai beach almost everyday as it is literally a five minute stroll, bringing a cooler with cold drinks and snacksIMG_1364 IMG_1362 IMG_1361It finally felt like a holiday living in Hawaii. We were so relaxed, things were so convenient, and we just had an amazing time. Lucas took me hiking up to the Pill Box, where we sat for a while, asking each other big questions like, what super power would you choose, who would you turn into for a day if you could, and who would you turn into to destroy their life if you could. IMG_1456 IMG_1461 IMG_1465 In my case, Flying at chosen speed, (including Superman speed), Would turn into Gary Oldman and give myself a job with him, would turn myself into Noomi Rapace and destroy her career, because she has a job with Gary Oldman, that Swedish, dream life stealing vixen. IMG_1464Rick and I spent some time playin FIFA with Esau, who constantly kicked both our assesIMG_1513Same with Ping PongIMG_1515Rick and I took the boys on a road trip to Hanauma bay, as we had never been there before, and I Love snorkeling !IMG_1476Before we were let into the beach however, we were forced to watch an educational video, so that we wouldn’t destroy the fishes environment, by doing stupid touristy stuff like, feeding the fish or the turtle, standing on the reef or leaving trash around. We weren’t too enthusiastic. IMG_1480We were so excited when we were let in howeverIMG_1479And the view was pretty amazingIMG_1481I bought an underwater camera, which I dropped, and consequently leaked, and all the awesome photos of the small and HUGE beautiful tropical fish and us posing underwater, were DESTROYED! ( I think, – as I took it to Walmart for them to develop and I haven’t heard back yet)IMG_1489 IMG_1497 Snorkeling is actually exhausting, especially after swallowing a ton of salt water, and there is just nothing as nice as sitting down with some snacks and drinks, and drying up in the sun looking out at the beautiful water of Hanauma bay. IMG_1498Danielle came by on fourth of July after I painted our faces to fit the occasionIMG_1406We went to Lanikai beach where loads of families were celebrating in Red white and blue bikinis and swim trunks. IMG_1419IMG_1434It sucked having to go back home after such a good time, sleeping in an insanely comfortable bed with super high thread count on the sheets, three bathrooms and a swimming pool right outside the bedroom. But we love our little place, and we felt rejuvenated and excited to start a new week together.IMG_1523Oh, and have a little look at this video I made while staying over

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  1. You’re crazy…in a crazy way!


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