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There are a few opportunities here in  Hawaii,  big and small, Theatre, Movies and TV, and the competition isn’t as steep as it is in other big towns, but there sure is talent out here! As I can’t work until I get my work permit I can only do free gigs, but there is so much theater here that is really quite good, but unpaid. HTY - Honolulu Theatre for Youth- Alvin Chan - Junior Tesoro - Maile Holck Hawaii stage-grindsThe only theatre company that pays their actors is good old HTY (Honolulu Theatre for Youth) who do great theatre for children of all ages, educational and great story telling. Sadly I missed my chance to audition for this year, as I can’t get a job yet, but I still go and check out their fab shows, like pictured above, Grinds, about Hawaiian food through the ages. IMG_1592I have auditioned however, for three of the best theatre’s in town, Diamond Head for Monty Pythons Holy Grail, Manoa Valley for the Addams Family and for The Actors Group for Vanya and Sonya and Masha and Spike. Diamond Head Theatre - Honolulu - Hawaii theatre community - auditions DiamondHeadTheater02Diamond head is a relatively big theater that fills their seats with eager and often elderly audiences. Diamond Head does Mostly musicals but also straight plays and farces. I’ve only seen one play there, the farcical ‘The butler did it’, which was, Mmmm Mediocre. But I Auditioned there for The Monthy Pythons Holy Grail, and had a rather cringing experience. I hadn’t auditioned for two years, and came rather prepared but with mixed feelings. As soon as I entered however, I re realized how much I HATE Musical theater people. Sorry if you are a Musical theater person, but so was I kind of, MT was my first love, and I grew u doing it, but sitting there I was surrounded by Loud, attention-seeking, show-off, schmoozing people who were bragging about this and that, and greeting each other loudly, I quickly realized that they all pretty much knew each other, and had already done shows there before. It was really obvious who was going to be cast, and I didn’t even get a call back to read, I did a good song audition but I was probably a bit nervous. But Wasn’t I right, when I googled it I saw who was cast in it, and it was exactly the people that I knew were going to be cast. Why do an open audition then? manoa-valley-theatre-Hawaii Theatre community auditions 500x407Then there is Manoa Valley theatre, who also do Musicals and straight plays. I’ve seen a couple of shows, one a few years ago, and some recently,and they were good and bad, but different. So I went in feeling more confident, and the atmosphere was a little more welcoming, notice I say a little. Being new in town didn’t feel like a good thing, my training and experience from London – the capital of theatre, and Los Angeles -The capital of Movies, wasn’t impressive or interesting, and it was obvious that the panel were more interested in the already familiar faces that were blowing kisses in their direction and babbling merrily to each other. I saw the director pull a girl aside and basically overheard her saying things about offering her the part, and I wasn’t very impressed. I felt like walking out the door. Anyway, did a smashing audition, and so did the girl who got pulled aside, and a few others as well. Then we were about to dance, and I the fool that I am assumed that The Addams family wouldn’t have elaborate difficult dancing, and that we would just be doing some movement and simple coreography, but NOooooooo. I was made an utter fool, and the girl who was pulled aside cought on the choreography really fast, all the different bits were taught us really fast and then we had to stand in front of the panel remembering the whole thing and doing it without help. Well, I couldn’t do that! I haven’t taken coreography for a while and so it takes longer, surely that’s not how they are going to work during the process!? Anywho, I was so angry and annoyed, feeling that it made a mockery out of my career, this is a community theatre, people taking themselves really fucking seriously, while this is my carreer, I don’t have another job on the side and do this for fun, and no I did’t grow up in this community and know everyone.THere was no emphasis on acting whatsoever and  They said they would contact us and let us know, but didn’t which I thought was rude, Diamond Head did that. Then I found out the other day that the girl who was pulled aside got it. Just like I thought. Well, she was pretty good, although she seemed really young, I think she deserved it.IMG_1593Then there is TAG (The Actors Group) that had an audition for a straight play, at the Brad Powell theater, where the atmosphere was much better and more professional. Less bullshit, less schmoozing, and a thorough and great audition process. I was bummed out however as I had to go there on the World Cup Finale, which nobody in the whole theater seemed to know or care about. I was called back and did another audition, cold reading from a script against a variety of people. And I was very happy when there had been days and days and I hadn’t heard anything and assumed I had been rejected, that I got cast as Nina in the play! IMG_1702The communication was great, and the cast is great and the first two rehearsals have been very good. I am very happy I got it and I freakin love the script. It’s really funny and quite original, and I can’t wait to start the run this autumn.

Anyway, I find it worth mentioning the other three major theatres I can think of, of course as mentioned earlier, the very professional and amazing HTY at Tenney TheaterIMGP8936A stage that has been transformed to the most incredible sets, google them please and check it out. Hawaii theatre community - Acting in Hawaii - Hitting the stage - kumu-kahua-theatre-0755-500x332Kumu Kahua theatre, I’ve seen plenty of shows there, good and bad, and mostly local or local inspired plays. I’m a great supporter of this theater and it does some great things and it’s a great contribution, but I reckon I wont have a chance to do a gig there, as I can’t do Pigeon and don’t really fit in to most of their projects. Hawaii Theatre - Honolulu - Hawaii theatre community - Acting - Audition 2012-2-27_joseph_rehearsal_body_image_hawaii_theatreThen there is Hawaii Theater, that great big hall where mostly touring companies and troupes set foot, as well as comedians and other events take place. They do have auditions sometimes, but nothing that has tickled my fancy so far.

The one thing I found instantly positive and welcoming was this website; where the local acting community has written down great advice, and contact details for casting agencies, managers and agents, and guidelines to new actors in town. Whoever took the time to do this, is a gem. Anyway, wish me luck, this is the start of my “Career” here in Hawaii. Feel free to comment or ask questions, and if you are a new actor in town like me, keep on keeping on and remember your worth!


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