Anini Beach Park Road trip

Third day in Kauai and Rick and I took a taxi back to the airport to pick up our rental car, but sadly I got car sick and had to sit out and wait in the fresh air while Ricky had to sort out all the paperwork and get our new freedom companion. Meeehhhh.. I hate feeling groggy. IMG_1787After we got the car we drove back to our favourite restaurant, Keoke’s paradise for some lunch Keoki's paradise - Kauai - Hawaii - Restaurant - Hawaiian food - Romantic - Sexy coupleHonestly, the food at Keoki’s is GREAT and the Ahi Sashimi and Poke Tower is the best Ahi we have had in Hawaii..! Keoki's paradise - Kauai - Hawaii - Restaurant - Hawaiian foodWe planned and mapped out our trip for the day and invited Rachel along for our little road trip to the North shore.Β IMG_1789We drove through the greenery of Kauai, enjoyed some snacks and the incredible views. We were heading to Anini Beach and Kalihikai beach park, which we read was apparently great for snorkeling.KAUAI - north shore - Anini beach park - Hawaii - Honeymoon

We got there after an hours drive, it wasn’t the sunniest day today, but it was still a nice day. KAUAI - north shore - Anini beach park - HawaiiI REALLY wish I could develop the pictures from our underwater camera today, because Rick and I befriended a HUGE turtle in the water while we were snorkeling!KAUAI - north shore - Anini beach park - Hawaii 5 o - coupleHe was snoozing by a rock surrounded by tropical fish eating of the plants on the rock, and he kept coming up to the surface and sipping air and then swimming gracefully down again.Β  I might update the blog after I get the pictures, because I got some amazing shots of the turtle. IMG_1801After some swimming, snorkeling and walking on the beach we headed back home playing a Hawaii-themed 20 Questions on the road. Rick and I checked in to our new hotel as we had to check out of Rachel’s Uncle’s timeshare at the Diamond Resort this morning. IMG_1802Our new Kauai home is the Aston Aloha hotel, which had an impressive lobby, free parking and wifi, a redbox for free dvd rentals,two swimming pools and a jacuzzi and breakfast included. It’s got a nice atmosphere, but it was cheap and we picked the shittiest rooms to save money, so we’ve downgraded a bit. But it’s still a cozy room, and, yeah.. the tv is boxy and doesn’t exactly have HD quality, but everything else is here for us and we are very happy.


5 Comments Add yours

  1. Krystle says:

    Love Anini beach! One of my favorites on the island! πŸ™‚


    1. jasminplease says:

      Yes it was so lovely ! Great atmosphere πŸ™‚


  2. Victoria says:

    elsker den singlett skjorte tingen!!! super nice


    1. jasminplease says:


      Thank you


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