Awashed by the Wailua Falls

IMG_1809Early this morning we drove off and picked up our dear Rachel at Poipu to go out for a final breakfast together. Joe's on the Green - Kauai - Hawaii - dining - Restaurant - BreakfastShe took us out to Joe’s at the Green for some great breakfast. Another Great place to eat here in Kauai, Joe’s serves a nice relaxed atmosphere, good service and cute hungry birdies scavenging the floor for crumbs of delicious breakfast. Wailua - KAuai - Hawaii - Waterfall - Wailua falls - hikeAfter we drove Rachel off to the airport, saying our goodbyes and seeing her off to Los Angeles, we drove to Wailua falls which wasn’t too far from Aston Aloha Hotel and Lihue airport, where we are staying. Wailua - KAuai - Hawaii - Waterfall - Wailua falls - hike -  tripadvisorAfter looking at it from above, we set out to do the hike we had read about on Tripadvisor, we followed the stone wall to the left towards fence. There was a gap kind of, where it allowed an opening for you to jump over the wall, and make your way down. There are ropes that some great people have left there to help out, and plenty of branches and roots to hold on to, but I would definitely recommend NOT going in flip flops, just as you need to have a good grip on the ground, and no matter how dry the day is, there is a point on the trip down that is super muddy and slippery. Wear good shoes. Like me, on this picture. Where I look like a total pro hiker. (But in all seriousness this is considered an ‘intermediate’ hike, so I guess we are intermediate level hikers now.)Wailua - KAuai - Hawaii - Waterfall - View- Wailua falls - hikeAnd trust me… it is SOOOO worth it! Gosh, the view itself, and then the sound of the falls, the fresh air down there, the crisp refreshing water, it was incredible. Wailua - KAuai - Hawaii - Waterfall - Honeymoon - Wailua falls - hikeWe were so happy when we got down there, as it felt like a little accomplishment, and to me, almost crossing of something of my bucket list, – swimming in a waterfall lagoon. Wailua - KAuai - Hawaii - Waterfall - swimming- Wailua falls - hikeThis waterfall is actually featured in the opening credits of the famous TV show ‘Fantasy Island’Wailua - KAuai - Hawaii - Waterfall - Wailua falls - hike Swimming - Fantasy Island - TripadvisorThe water was so chilly and refreshin, exactly what I needed. At the beach and in the pool, the water is pretty hot nowadays, so it doens’t cool you down as much as one would wish sometimes. We swam across  to the other side, Rick sat down on land, and I sat down on a rock in the water, and we had a little personal ‘wedding ceremony’ together, saying some vows and having a romantic moment all alone at this breathtaking spot. HOneymoon - Love - romantic hotspot - Wailua - KAuai - Hawaii - Waterfall - Wailua falls - hikeSome people that were also enjoying the view took a photo for us before they left us to enjoy it all by ourselves. NEW: SEE VIDEO FROM THE EXPERIENCE!

IMGP8562We went home after a great day out, bought some food and settled in, eating, snuggling and watching movies in our hotel room, as the rain started splattering down. Ahi Poke - Tuna - raw fish - hawaiian foodWe had gone to the local Food Land and picked out some great Ahi for dinner, along with rice, corn on the cob,  sushi, pizza sticks, burrito’s, popcorn chicken and ice cream. YEAH. This food was gonna lat us aaaaaaall evening and night. ASton aloha hotels kauai hawaii


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