The short way home

Waking up at a lovely midday hour, after I had conveniently called the front desk the night before and asked for a late check-out, being a hotel worker, and my mother working at the hotel for as long as I have been alive, I know a few things of the trade. TIPS; ALWAYS call the front desk the night before check out and ask for a later check out (if you want to) most hotels have a time they will let you delay to, without a fee. Dollar car rental - Kauai - Hawaii We didn’t have to check out until Two, so we had a relaxing afternoon before we headed out in our rental car for one last road trip. We headed to the north shore, passing the charming village of Kapaa, with it’s little old wooden houses and stores, food trucks and fruit stands. Kapaa - Kauai - Hawaii - Tourism - Travel - Shave iceThey looooove Shave ice in Hawaii! Everytime we pass this Shave ice place there is a long line of people. Kauai - North Shore - lookout We Drove past a little lookout on the way to the beach on the North shore and stretched our legs a little bit and enjoyed the scenery of Kauai for another day. Kauai - Beach - Pacific Ocean - Hawaii - Snorkelling - Snorkeling - North ShoreI had some fun snorkeling on the beach, while Rick read his book ‘ Mastery’ by Robert Greene. Food truck - FIsh tacos - Kauai - Hawaiian food - travel On the way back to return our car and get to the airport, we couldn’t resist stopping by these two food trucks, that sold Fish Tacos’ and the one next to it that sold Greek food. Greek food in Hawaii - Gyros - Food truck - KauaiIt’s the time of the year when I normally head up north to visit my relatives, and then hit the Greek Islands for a week of uninterrupted fun in the sun. So it felt real nice to mix up the Hawaiian fun in the sun with some Greek Gyros. Mmm… God dammit it’s so good. Honolulu Airport - Hawaii - Travel After the short 45 min flight from Kauai to home, we waited for our lovely sister Danielle to pick us up at the airport, and make the end of our journey perfectly smooth. IMG_1830Unpacked, showered, fed, happy and snugly, back in our cozy Honolulu home. Hurricane Hawaii - August 2014 - nasa_iselle_aug_4So there is bad weather coming to Hawaii this weekend, Hurricane Iselle – I think she’s called, an Eye of tropical stormness spinning with great force coming right our way, followed by Julio who also wants to play but might miss out. Luckily we live in a tall strong building pretty high up, and there is not much risk of danger. BUT, hopefully they Close Hard Rock Cafe if it gets really bad down in Waikiki, since Rick is working a double shift there.

DON’T WORRY MUMMY! We will be fine 😉


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    ❤️Hope so❤️

    Sendt fra min iPad

    > Den 6. aug. 2014 kl. 12:35 skrev “Jasmin Please stories” :


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