The pink stays at Remington

Being back at a school, the buzz of aspiring, tired, hungover students yapping it up with each other, mixed up with the smell of hair product, scissors everywhere and the sound of hair dryers.Remington College Paul Brown Institute I don’t often go to a hairdresser as I feel that they boss me around and judge me.. And I don’t like having people that I pay, telling me what to do. But then lovely girl who is delegated with the pain in the ass job of sorting my hair out, I am relieved. Remington College Paul Brown Institute Hawaii HonoluluNot a Flamboyant and loud stylist but a lovely young girl who listens and is super polite. I guess that’s the good thing about going to a hairdresser-in-training as they’re willing to learn and wanting to please the costumer. But the pink wants to stay… Remington College Paul Brown Institute Pink hair Hawaii Salon After shampoo- bleaching it, the teacher expresses that it might be impossible and that they are going to put alchohol on it and if it doesn’t work then it doesn’t work. I’m not surprised. They sit me down in the hairdryer as I can feel the 70% alcohol frying me up in the chair… Remington College Paul Brown Institute Hawaii HonoluluBut I see the expression of my stylist and she doesn’t look happy…hahaha.. very reassuring. I get out of the chair and she washes it out, then sits me back in the chair to match my roots with my tips… Blonde. Remington College Paul Brown Institute HonoluluI can tell that my hair is fried. Yep… again… I shiver a bit as I think of it all falling off my head and try to keep myself occupied with my phone. I look around at the students working away and chatting and laughing, Students Salon Remington College Paul Brown Institute Hooluluand occasionally singing along to the pop songs that are playing over the speakers. They all know them, they all love them and they all sing together. I miss school. I have ever since I finished in 2010. I would totally go back to school. But sadly I have a dark cloud of the huge student loan I got myself at Rose Bruford. Remington College Paul Brown Institute Hoolulu SalonBefore I sat down in my chair I had to sign a paper that basically said that I knew what I was getting myself into. And there were signs around too, Remington College Paul Brown Institute Hoolulu SalonI was rather relaxed though as the teacher was there constatly giving advice, and I knew deep down that I would have gotten the same results in a Salon, Except they would have charged SO MUCH more, (I only paid 40$)  and they would force me to cut of the dead fried bits (70% of it….) And I WONT. Remington College Paul Brown Institute HonoluluI’ll rather walk around with longer dead hair than healthy short hair. Look at the shape of my head! I MUST have long hair..hahah And it grows out.. It’s fine. THe girl gave me a loooooong scalp massage and added lots of moisture to my poor hair. And they tinted my hair with a more golden blonde, that blends into the pink. They failed to get all of the pink out, but I do look blonder and it is less pink. IMG_1993I came home super tired to a husband who was still sleeping. And my hair had dried crispy and horrible. With some Argan oil and leave in conditioner it will be fine, but I am going to have to leave my hair alone for a looong time. IMG_1998I just have to wait for the pink to fade. And I should avoid curling/straightening my hair. But… I’m doing a play and so it’s unavoidable. And anyway, it’s already fucked. IMG_1999Well.. I don’t mind it. It looks okay. What the director is going to think however.. Gosh my teeth look super white in this picture.

I will definitely go back to Remington though.. When I have normal hair again, and want styling or color. It supports the students, it’s cheap and they are nice and professional.


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  1. Victoria says:

    wææ digger hvordan det ser ut nå da, kult når du har det i hestehale også!! nice

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  2. Mary Kendig says:

    Hi, Jasmin! I’m the manager of the “Today @ Remington College” e-newsletter site, and I saw your post a few weeks ago…. Would you mind if I linked to it from our Today site? The URL is, if you want to see the site. Below is what I would publish:

    A Client’s Unbiased Review of Her Experience at Our Honolulu Paul Brown Salon

    Today @ Remington College recently stumbled upon a humorous and endearing blog post about one person’s hair dye (or should we say “hair die”) experience and her attempts to right a wrong. Jasmin Peace’s blog post says some really nice things about our Remington College cosmetology program, too!

    Check out this link for grins and giggles:

    Thanks, Jasmin, for the nice words about Remington College! We wish you all the best in your attempts to “get all of the pink out” someday soon!

    Please email me at and let me know if you’d be OK with us linking to your blog post! And thanks in advance. 🙂

    BTW: I’m also a creative writer and have recently written a screenplay based on my mother’s life in Italy during WWII…. Looking to have it read by prospective producers, so if you have any ideas about how I can get this work in front of folks, please let me know! Thanks. 🙂


    1. jasminplease says:

      Hello, and thank you for that lovely introduction,
      I am of course happy (and honored) to be featured on your site, and if it can give anybody any giggles or inspiration to attend your course, I would be very pleased.

      Just get my surname right in the intro; Please, not Peace, (although that’s a rather cool name). 😉

      I will email you, in case you don’t see this,
      and I will address the queries about your screenplay!

      xx J


      1. Mary Kendig says:

        Thank you! And I’ve got your last name correct in my original copy; I just rekeyed it wrong in the note above — will make sure it’s correct. 🙂 Thank you again!
        And please do send me an email that basically says you approve of us linking to your post (it will make the attorneys here happy to have your approval in writing)!

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