A new nephew

So, as you can see, I’ve gone home to Norway to visit my family. My sister Romina just gave birth to a new baby boy Newborn baby hospital europeHere I am at the hospital, she’s just resting up with Daniel, my new nephew. I am very excited! photo 1Here I am with my sister and my four nephews! Chilling in the livingroom, it’s nice for my sister to be back from the hospital. photo 5Here I am with my sisters partner, Lars, opening the package I sent to them from Hawaii. IMG_2206FINE. I’m not there. I am still in Hawaii (Bohoo right), moping over the fact that I Can’t dissapparate like in the Harry Potter Books, and apparate in Norway with my family. Newborn Norwegian Baby HospitalThey sent me some pictures of the new family member, and would you believe it, the care package I sent for them arrived on the DAY he was born!!!! photo 3I sent them some stuff from Hawaii, Coffee, chocolate, macadamia nuts, small hula shirts and a little Hard Rock body that Rick bought from work, and of course, the ESSENTIAL Simba cuddly toy with a blanket! photo 4Gosh I miss my family now, and look at this cool little dude! Ha ha. I have No idea who he looks like. Or what he is going to look like when he grows up. IMG_2204Back here in Hawaii, I am spending time with my in-law family, and enjoying their company. It makes me feel better, being surrounded by another family 🙂 IMG_2224I’m cycling around town, auditioning and going to rehearsals, we’re just a week away from opening with ‘Vanya and Sonia and Masha and Spike’. TAG HawaiiRehearsals are going great, and we are still all getting along like a house on fire. As much as I miss my family and am sad that I can’t be there to greet the new boy Daniel for a while, I am doing well here. Things are getting better and better!

Wishing my family well, and sending love and good vibes to my new nephew.


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  1. Tiffany says:

    can you please contact me asap bumper062086@gmail.com. . it is very urgent. It’s a catfish type story that your baby nephews picture was used in.


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