How I spend my mornings


IMG_2444Funny how much easier it is to enjoy my days off now that I have the opportunity to work! Since I got my work authorization card I felt this enormous relief and sense of freedom. And I’ve been pretty busy auditioning, rehearsing and performing the play. But on the days where I don’t have to set an alarm (HALLELUJAH – THAT IS THE BEST PRIVILEGE)  This is how I spend my lazy mornings. IMG_2445Put on my bikini and wrap a towel around me and go out and into the elevator. IMG_2435Before I get in to the elevator I ALWAYS look down, this is a weird OCD habit that Rick has gotten me into. But it’s rather nice when the view is that delicious turquoise pool. IMG_2437I check our mail box in the lobby, and catch the elevator to the second floor. IMG_2439THat’s where my good friend mr. Pool is, and where I throw the towel on a sunbed, and run around to the edge of the deep end of the pool, scorching my bare feet on the hot hot ground, and JUMP, straight into the refreshing water.IMG_2441Ahhhhh… Yes… There is nothing like being underwater with your whole body and feeling your hair floating around you. The crisp water wakes me up and opens my eyes. IMG_2447Then I go upstairs have a shower, put on some comfy clothes and knock together a half and half healthy / unhealthy breakfast, with a bowl of spinach, pumpkin seeds, white chiax seeds and some kale if I have that. Sometimes I go CRAZY and put some sort of dressing in it, or olive oil with salt and pepper. Then I top it off with that Ice cold, stimulating and delicious red Bull, ahhh my good friend Red Bull. And my enemy. But, no time to linger over the thought on how I should cut down on my RB friend, while enjoying the morning by checking my emails, news and random youtube videos. IMG_2462I can sit in my jammies for HOURS and watch documentaries before I have to get myself together and cycle to the theatre for another show. IMG_2443And as a treat for you, here’s this GRUESOME photo that my lovely husband took of me the other morning wearing his boxers, chilling out reading emails. Look at me! ha ha ha ha… Look at that snarped together mouth! Ahhh, he loves me..

I’m sure this was very very interesting. See you again soon with another boring post.


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