The life within a Honolulu theater

Rocky road brownie Life within a Honolulu theater, or to be more specific, The Brad Powell theater of TAG, is like a Rocky road brownie. Nutty as squirrel poo, sweet, sticky, rich and intense. Dressing room - The Brad Powell Theater - Actress - Vanya and Sonia and Masha and Spike HonoluluThe theater is air conditioned and pretty chilly when you are not on stage, so I always bring or wear a cardigan or a sweater that you can easily take off. I love coming early to the theater so I can sit in the dressing room, getting ready slowly, listening to inspiring interviews by amazing actors on youtube. Vanya and Sonia and Masha and Spike Honolulu TAGMy Cast members have become my good friends, which isn’t a guarantee seeing as there can be drama and tension between us overemotional actors. We compliment each others personalities, and deal with each others neurosis and weirdness pretty well. TAG - The Brad Powell Theater - Becky MaltbyBehind the scenes there is coffee, cakes and popcorn being consumed every day, with some special days with chicken, salads and nachos dipped in Hummus. There is set paint and costumes everywhere and scripts laying around waiting to be scribbled in and perused during breaks and exits. IMG_2488Quick costume changes are rather difficult i the cluttered and tiny dressing rooms, and hallways around the back, where we are running past each other in the darkness only lit by the blue lights. Two times a week, we throw our sweated out and dirty costumes into the laundry basket, for the costume designer to take care of.  IMG_2475There’s a lot of fun inbetween scenes, and I am so happy that I don’t enter for a while in the beginning, I get to hear the audiences response and measure what’s going on and psyche myself up before I go on. Also I get to tease and have fun with the actors that are about to go on or just came off. IMG_2100In theaters here, you do your own makeup and after some consulting, you do your own hair. And the downside to being in the Brad Powell theater is that there is NO sink NOWHERE. And no toilet! We have to exit the theater and run far far down the hall and push in a code in the door to go to the toilet, which sucks if you really gotta pee before you go on. IMG_2304People bring stuff in to the theater, Cookies, cakes and muffins. I tried my FIRST pumpkin anything at the theater while snuggling up listening to Harry Potter audio books on my phone before starting to do my hair and makeup. IMG_2481The lights on the stage are SO flattering and no matter how much makeup you cake on almost, you will look good and shine bright like a star. BUT the lights are also HOT, and all the people in the audience makes it hotter, and the result is you Sweating off your makeup, unless you have the professional stage stuff. Which I do of course, it was a requirement to have a makeup kit in drama school in third year when we started performing. MAC MAC MAC. photo 1 Mac ala moana HonoluluMac is kind of expensive, but really really good, I’m not a fan of their lipsticks as much, but the rest is top notch, and their studio products is what you need. Luckily, as an actor you can sign up for Mac Pro and get discounts. And Mac will give free makeovers and match your skin tone and help you buy concealers and foundation etc. photo 3And.. life goes on .. on stage.. till the end of the run. And until then there is the smell of the repainted set, new audiences, old costumes, and fun fun fun.


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  1. Shayon bell says:

    Hey! My name is Shayon! Can u please tell me about your experience living in loriff’s housing! I’m moving to LA & am interested in their housing but nervous & scared that I might not like it! Can we talk through e-mail ?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. jasminplease says:

      I had a great time! (with ups and downs)
      But I was lucky and had good roommates. (most of the time.)
      I’ll email you.


      1. Shayon bell says:

        Thank u thank u!!!

        Liked by 1 person

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