Auditioning at the Art Zone

Up by the Pali highway there lies a hidden treasure. Sure it is known, but to me and my friends, it was not. I submitted myself to audition for a new opportunity, and was brought back to a recall, bringing my friends who have also been called back. photo 3I was well prepared, familiar with the script, but a little nervous, as I was about to figure out what is going to happen. It’s a great paid opportunity, a mystery dramatic tour around Waikiki, and I might be one of the tour guides/characters! If I got this job, I would have a fun two hour – five days a week job, that would pay ALL my bills! photo 5Becky picked me up and we drove off excitedly, talking about how fun it would be to work together after the play is over, and we picked up David. The Art Zone - Hawaii - Honolulu - Becky Maltby - David StarrWe waited outside the gate along with the other excited actors, before they let us in to the weird and wonderful space it is, where creative souls have made their home, an exhibition and a venue for arts and performance.IMG_2393

As you take off your shoes and walk into the round shapely entrance lobby, there are things to look at everywhere, a high ceiling with hooks and ropes for artist that do that silk swinging climbing thing. IMG_2399Anything and everything is decorating and utilized for different practical purposes. IMG_2394There are paintings and columns and colorful umbrellasIMG_2390Really special and cool bathroomsIMG_2392I really regret not taking a picture of the downstairs bathroom as it was so weird, and had toilet rolls hanging around everywhere even from the ceiling. IMG_2395I almost didn’t know if it was awesome or just really really creepy. photo 3It was a lot of fun reading through the script, and it seems like it’s going to be a one of a kind (In Hawaii) project, and the good news is that they said that I am definitely going to be in it. If this happens, like really happen, I would be so happy! photo 2It would open up for me to do other things in the day AND in the night..! WHILE being secure with money! However, I had to say no to do ‘Fiddler on the Roof’ at HPU because the touring job end at 7:30 and the show starts at 7:30, so I won’t be doing theater for a while. 😦

We’ll see!


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