One last huzzah

The sad actress


Time have quickly passed me by since our last show of ‘Vanya and Sonia and Masha and Spike’ closed on the 5th of October, IMGP8670and as all you theater people out there know, it is completely necessary to have a closing party.IMGP8655 At the night of the closing, we all were together, striking the set, eating and getting the hell out of there. I was knackered, and I saved my energy, as I had rehearsals and upcoming things, and I knew I’d see my TAG cast family at Katy’s place for our party. IMGP8654IMGP8653We all brought some food, snacks and drinks, Becky brought games for us allIMGP8656 and Nick brought his beautiful and lovely girlfriend Genai, IMGP8661joining us for all the over-dramatic fun that occurs when we are all under one roof, which in this occasion was a patio roof, as Katy’s outside area was just a really cute outdoor area, perfect for dinner parties. IMGP8664IMGP8663I asked everyone the questions I like to ask my fellow actors after a play; – What was your favorite moment in the play? IMGP8669– What was your most memorable glitch in the play, that you or someone else caused? Which quickly triggers other questions, such as; If you could do it again, what would you do differently? – If you could cast me in any play ever written, which character would you want for me to play? We love talking, we love listening, we love having our opinions heard, we love laughing and making each other laugh.IMGP8667 We irritate each other. We like to dress up in stupid costumes. IMGP8674IMGP8675We like to tell each other how much we mean to each other, and how talented and unique we all are.IMGP8676 They like to get drunk, and high, and banter, and improvise and be really really inappropriate. We played games with more questions, where we had to guess who answered what. IMGP8651I guessed all of them right, Nick got all of them wrong. Patrice got too drunk to remember what the questions were and wrote on too many pieces of paper. IMGP8671We were all just silly. It’s a good thing it was just us. Because anyone else, would be bored. Annoyed. But it works, for us. When you work with a group of ACTORS, who you happen to really get along with, for that long, that intensely, playing a family, you start working like a family. IMGP8678True, a dysfunctional, messy family, but a family you might only keep for a few months, or a year, or possibly until you perish.IMGP8681 I hate it when actors say “Ah, well we all really got along so well, we became just like a family.” Blah. But I know it’s true. IMGP8680You see each others best, and worst, you lose patience with each other, and you’re there for each other. And at the end of it, you were all byproducts of this commercial gift to another group of people – the audience, which may or may not appreciate your hard work. Your work might be shit. Or it might be good. IMGP8688It doesn’t all depend on one actor, or all of the actors, or the script or the director. It’s all of it. But as Patrice so often says; Why is it called, – a play?

WHAT ARE WE DOING? -Really? Playing…?


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