The ‘Men against Violence’ March

The other day, on the 23rd. of October, Rick and I ventured to town joined by our sister Danielle and her son Udell. IMGP8734We don’t often go to town during the week, but today was a special event, a big march for men, against violence against women. A great initiative that Rick heard about through school. Men's March Against Violence, Hawai'i + He for SheThere was going to be a rather large turnout, and I thought I’d use the opportunity to do a bit of He for She advertising. 🙂 It was a beautiful sunny day, and over 850 Men, women and children turned up at the Capitol building and marched around downtown from there. Men's March Against Violence, Hawai'i + He for She 2014It was a beautiful sight, I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many men together all at once, except at the army. And it was a rather moving moment for me. In my close family there has been domestic violence, and seeing people caring, speaking up about it, especially men, was very moving. Men's March Against Violence, Hawai'i + He for She 2014 + KCC - Kapiolani Community CollegeWe tried to stick with Rick’s university group for most of the time, but we had to take a few breaks here and there, as it was a rather long stroll with Udell in the sun. Men's March Against Violence, Hawai'i + He for She 2014He was in a good mood, considering. And people around us seemed to be too. IMGP8741Hawaii 5-o was there too, the police – representing! Men's March Against Violence, Hawai'i + He for She 2014Several banks were there too, our bank Bank of Hawaii, and First Hawaiian Bank, – where Desmond works! So I was pleased to bump into him there too. Men's March Against Violence, Hawai'i + He for She 2014As we rallied up in the park, around the speakers tent, we were given water and nutri bars for energyMen's March Against Violence, Hawai'i + He for She 2014I wish I filmed the speeches, because there was some really inspiring and amazing words being said,  but also, sadly horrifying statistics. And tales of murders in 2014 that had happened – here, on the island, MEN murdering their Wives and girlfriends. As I stood there, looking around, I was so happy to see people standing there, listening. But at the same time I was wondering how many of them were hypocrites. I know some people that works with charitable causes and presents a great face, who do terrible things within their own family. This is the terrible truth of the world. Men's March Against Violence, Hawai'i + He for She 2014But I believe, the truth will out. Someone has to say something, and I will never be silent. I feel like things are changing. More and more states in the US are allowing same sex marriage, Loads of different countries in the world, even conservative ones, have men signed up for HE for SHE which is the NEW UN women’s Gender Equality campaign, which puts the MEN in focus. Men's March Against Violence, Hawai'i + He for She 2014 - KCCAfter all, the equality issue, – is a double edged sword. Emma Watson said it best, and she covered it all perfectly. It’s about all of us, and in the Westernized world, we REALLY should be moving forward with larger leaps. Men's March Against Violence, Hawai'i + He for She 2014 -I want to believe that things are improving. Yes, in some senses it is getting worse, but setting aside all the bad things the internet, technology and media has done, it DOES make people think, it DOES make it easier for anyman to speak his mind and make a difference. Amongst the lies out there, there are truths, and SOME people want to tell it. This march was the 20th annual one, and has grown each year, and it was a big event. People stepped out of their offices for two hours to do it, we were there, with one of the new generation. What will his world be like?

There will still be domestic violence. But perhaps, we can spread the word, and make it unacceptable in more countries, make people take action when they see it, INFORM victims from childhood that it’s NOT okay, so that they KNOW, or at least have a strong doubt, when it happens to them, that perhaps urges them to ask for help? Yeah…. I’m going to go with that… Xx


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    I love that, hope it makes a differense…..❤️💙

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    > Den 27. okt. 2014 kl. 13:02 skrev “Jasmin Please stories” :

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