Birthday blessings

The 19th. of november was my 26th birthday and I woke up to a delicious breakfast, strawberries, bananas drizzled with Nutella and whipped cream. Rick and I were laughing and smiling as we were pretending that it was a surprise, but the truth is I had given him very specific instructions as to what I wanted for breakfast a week earlier. IMG_2999I got a present that I have wanted since I was a kid, seeing the cool Polaroid cameras being used in movies, and I am so happy with it! Sadly the film is really expensive, so you gotta be selective with what you take pictures of, but that makes it very special. The film is not the old square format anymore, but I don’t mind it as much as I thought I would. IMG_3001I cycled to the bus, then after 40 min bus ride, cycled from the stop to Lanikai elementary for my Wednesday drama class. This was the sixth week, meaning I only have two weeks left after this, and we are performing a play called ‘The wedding” for their parents. I wrote the play specifically for them, based on some devising we’ve done, improvising and games and ideas we’ve come up with together. The kids got their parts, and we properly rehearsed the scenes for the first time. It was intense and hard work and I was SWEATY and exhausted as I waited with my bike for 34 min for the bus home. IMG_3003Then I come home and get into this outfit that I bought specially for my birthday that I’ve been so excited to wear! And at home flowers and a balloon awaits me, sent from my father- in-law and his wife. I was so excited and pleased, and my happy and accommodating husband helps me out with everything. I let him take care of reserving at the restaurant and making sure no one of my friends were cancelling last minute, so I could focus on having fun instead.IMG_3011

Udell and Danielle came by and gave me a sweet present and homemade birthday card, and Udell watched me get ready, curling my hair and putting on my face. That boy LOVES my jewelery..! ha ha. I was so happy to play around with our new Polaroid camera I got for my birthday, it’s something I’ve wanted since I was a girl, seeing them in movies. Danielle drove us to the restaurant ‘Kona Brewing Company’ IMG_3024Where all my friends met up, all my favorite people of Hawaii gathered around a table! Incredible! It was amazing. Such a bunch of talented and amazing people that I am lucky and happy to call friends! 🙂 IMG_3012I pigged out with chicken wings and spinach cheese dip and all sorts of delicious foods and my favorite drink; Coca cola! My only vice. It was a lot of fun. We had planned doing a reefwalk in the dark with torches and buckets later, but it got too late. IMG_3010I thought I’d share these cool Polaroid pics, the new one’s aren’t in the same shape anymore, they are more business card sized. But I am still very happy with it. IMG_3009When Rick and I came home, my good buddy Ethan joined me and Rick for a nightcap, bringing a chocolate pie and ice cream. We ended up talking about geography and Rick, who is studying the subject and is really passionate about a fair few things he is learning at school, almost held a whole class for us! It was fun. IMG_3007The night ended kind of early, but we were both EXHAUSTED. I had such a good day. IMG_3002I have this app on my phone, which gives me a new inspiring quote and task every day, and this is the one I got on my birthday. In the beginning of the day, I tried to exercise kindness with the kids in my class, it worked out well. However later in the day, I forgot all about it, but experienced great kindness from several of my friends. It was still a ‘Kindness Day’.

Now I’m 26! I don’t even think about it. Who cares? I am young and lucky and I have soooo much more fun ahead of me. But birthdays should be celebrated! And I have MIIIILKED mine. In fact, I’ve been using the phrase ‘But It’s my birthday week..’ and basically treated myself all the time ha ha. My poor husband has to live with this for the rest of his life. But hey, I know how to GIVE a good birthday week too! 😉


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  1. effyhansen says:

    Hei! Grattis med dagen som var! Skrev til deg på Twitter også men tror ikke jeg sendte den:/Så gøy med polaroid kamera!! Fiiine bilder:) savner deg<3


  2. effyhansen says:

    deg på Twitter også men tror ikke jeg sendte den:/Så gøy med polaroid kamera!! Fiiine bilder:) savner deg<3


    1. jasminplease says:

      Ahhhhh så koselig å få kommentar fra deg! 😄 Takk skal du ha. 💜


  3. Unni Reid says:

    Ser ut som d var en fin og happy bursdag!😊
    Elsker bursdagsklærne💖 (og Appen)

    Date: Wed, 26 Nov 2014 00:58:53 +0000

    Liked by 1 person

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